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  1. Ron Strider

    Green Gold: How China Quietly Grew Into A Cannabis Superpower

    Every year in April, Jiang Xingquan sets aside part of his farm in northern China to grow cannabis. The size of the plot varies with market demand but over the last few years it has been about 600 hectares. Like every other hemp farmer in Hexin in Heilongjiang province near the Russian...
  2. huluwa


    You can call me huluwa.I grow it by myself,and share with my friends. Everyone fly higher. LOVE&PEACE
  3. W

    Amateur User & Grower From China

    Hi guys, this is WeednChina, or Phil for short, from China of course. And this will be a long one so take your time. I was in Canada for like 6 some years for undergrad and grad schools. So yes I can speak English, but may still make mistakes so please bear with my writing here. I am a...