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  1. 1ofaKind

    LED Danger - Melting Chips

    Hi Everyone, These lights have been good to me and have not put me in any danger. They have helped me produce a couple pounds and have certainly paid for themselves, but... To have melting chips on so many of my lights in less that 2 years irks me. To be fair, I either bought these...
  2. ondercuver

    Over-dried my crop

    Due to circumstances , bad luck, bud rot , mildew , wife, xmas and all ....I had to cut them down a few days too early and do a fast dry . 28c in the room 30%RH , 48 hours now and buds are crispy as chips the stems not yet crispy so I stopped the dehumidifier , wait and see what happens ...
  3. Z

    Mars Hydro 1200W replacing chips

    Hello guys i have been used mars hydro for over 2 years , from time to time of course i have some difficulty but every time i sorted myself succesfully. My problem is that my warranty for lamp is over and i dont have any more spare chips . Will any one help mi pick up proper spare chips for my...
  4. T

    New Hydro grower - Trying out LED COB full spectrum integrated driver grow chip

    Hi Friends I am from South Africa. Very happy I found this website. It helped me with some difficult decisions. This is my first attempt at hydroponics, but I tried growing in soil about 10 years ago, when there was not so much information and videos on the Web regarding the subject. I am...
  5. A

    First Time Grow - Auto Amnesia & OG Kush

    Under 1000w 100x10w chips Full spectrum LED Panel
  6. OEF Vet 11B

    Coco chips vs coco coir? Chips useable?

    I bought coco chips rather than coir because it was what they had and I want to try a plant in coco perlite. Are chips useable?
  7. M

    How to tell the wattage-power of the chips in your LED panel.

    I've owned three different types of LED panel and all of them had different chips and ratings. So a bit of investigative work or 'close observation' has led me to the following conclusions. Item #1: MarsHydro UFO led 100w power consumption is 60 3w LEDs driven at 1.66 watts each. Item #2...