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    Homemade Chocolate Fudge Edibles.
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    dark chocolate & infused coconut oil
  3. TheFertilizer


    I was hoping to be able to make chocolate with cannabutter. I found a recipe online that uses butter and cocoa powder, along with milk and powdered sugar, but it made more of a truffle-like chocolate that would not harden no matter how long frozen. I compromised and just made truffles...
  4. Ron Strider

    Marijuana Dispensary Selling Infused Chocolates To Support Veterans In New England

    A medical marijuana dispensary in Quincy known for its unique pot platters is serving up a charitable dessert over the next two months. Ermont, Inc., a not-for-profit dispensary at 216 Ricciuti Drive in Quincy that focuses on medical marijuana edibles, announced it will be selling a...
  5. K

    Infused Coconut Oil mg/g Expectations

    How many milligrams per gram of total active cannabinoids should I expect by infusing 1/4 ounce of dry bud into 1/2 cup of coconut oil with a teaspoon of Lecithin if the bud contains 16% total active cannabinoids? I have spent a small fortune on testing but don't have a bench mark to compare my...
  6. K

    KY: Mixing Up Success - Locals Create Chocolate Hemp Treats

    People traveling down the Hemp Highway of Kentucky looking for a unique treat to commemorate the adventure have a new option here in Winchester. Laura's Mercantile, owned by Clark County residents Laura Freeman and Ben Pasley, is partnering with Ruth Hunt Candies of Mount Sterling to offer...
  7. B

    Chocolate Creme Puff

    Strain Name - Chocolate Creme Puff (Hazeman Cocoa puffs X COTC Custard Cream) From- Grapedutchgenetics When -10/24 Price - N/A Type - 70/30 sativa dominant Appearance - Pic attached, Frosty, ridiculously resinous nuggets that have almost dark gold hints that kind of resemble chocolate. Smell -...
  8. K

    Gummies Replace Chocolate As Leading Edible In Colorado

    Gummies have gotten sticky in the marijuana market, replacing chocolate as the top-selling cannabis candy. According to a study by BDS Analytics, infused chocolate bars dominated the marketplace in 2015. That year, chocolate bars outsold all other cannabis products by almost 50 percent...
  9. J

    First time grow - Please help - Is it harvest time?

    Hi guys it's my first grow, I'm growing chocolate skunk and the other I'm not quite sure, it came in a bag of weed I bought, So I'm not quite sure when that one will be ready. the chocolate skunk should be ready in 2 day according to the flowering time on the instructions. Just wondering if...
  10. D

    Wondering how I'm doing!

    How you guys doing this is my second grow.i was able to complete my first one but I made many mistakes.Now there is no room for not one more mistake.im growing a strain believed to be white chocolate og and an indica called bob Marley.I don't know if it true or not.Im waiting next week to get...
  11. B

    Cannabis plus chocolate question

    So my, *ahem* lady friend, who knows I've started my grow and also knows I'm pretty insane in the kitchen asked me today if I could make her some edible chocolate truffles. Doing some research it seems the popular approach I'd to use oil as as entire batch of truffles only calls for 1 tbsp of...
  12. R

    ChocoHigh! Chocolate With Cannabis Goes On Sale In Siberia For $3 A Bar

    A chocolate company in Altai in southern Siberia has come up with a chocolate bar it says will give you "an energy boost for the whole day." Unusually, cannabis is one of the new bar's ingredients. The company Obraz Zhizni (Lifestyle) says the chocolate is solely made of natural things, such...
  13. R

    Chicago Celebrity Chef Mindy Segal To Make Marijuana Sweets

    When Mindy Segal decided she wanted to work with marijuana, the James Beard award-winning pastry chef knew she could do so much better than that tired cliche – the brownie. Instead, she'll tap her understanding of transforming sugar into tempting treats to launch a line of chocolate brittles...
  14. M

    Santa's Marijuana Chocolate Chip Cookies & Cappuccino

    the only way to fly
  15. D

    Deep Chunklet - Cannacopia Seeds - Chocolate Trip x Deep Chunk Indica

    Name: Deep Chunklet From : I ordered the seeds (11 Reg seed's for $30 Canadian) from the Vancouver Seed bank online. I germinated 6 and grew them in soil (5 gallon buckets) and i used Advanced Nutrients Mother Earth Super Tea Grow/Bloom, Piranha Powder, Bud Candy and Roots EXL. 5 of...
  16. GimmieGreenie

    It Smelled so sweet. What strain was it?

    well Maybe somebody here can help me I had this weed aleast 6 maybe even 7 years ago. It was strong but not harsh at all. It was by far the sweetness smelling, most tasty weed i had ever had or even heard of. At the time it was sold to me i was told it was chocolate ( wow that really lets you...
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