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  2. R


    Been a awesome grow. Love this time of year. Stay frosty!!!!
  3. 20200521_104354 Summer grow.jpg

    20200521_104354 Summer grow.jpg

    Summer pair from Weedseedsexpress, day 9
  4. DobeWan

    Completed DobeWan's Perpetual Adventure

    :welcome: Welcome to my perpetual grow journal! Let's start with some background to set the stage. For those that don't know me, I'm a Canadian growing legal medical marijuana. My wife and I both suffer from medical issues treatable by MMJ here in Canada, and I started legally growing...
  5. Atlien0079

    Completed 700/900 Watt Mars Hydro - Double 3x3 Tent - OG Kush - Chocolope - Urkle - NLxBB

    Welcome to my Thread this first section is just an introduction before I get into my new grow!!! :welcome: I am a new member who has been reading these forums for months now and decided to join last month. I have successfully completed 1 harvest in my spare bedroom closet. The 2 clones given...
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