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  1. Bucudinkydow

    Uploading photos using iPad problem

    I click 420 entertainment and choose and choose 420 gallery- cannabis pictures from the drop down menu. I then click on upload photos and choose member galleries, select a photo from my library and do an upload. All good but should not this newly uploaded photo also appear in my photo album? It...
  2. mike28086

    U.S. Senators Petition to legalize marijuana

    Look at this and sign if you choose to, I did! P'etition . Congress: Pass the Marijuana Justice Act . Change.org Regards, mike28086
  3. F

    Any Suggestions For Spray To Prevent Caterpillars? Or Advice For Prevention?

    My guys around me keep saying that they always get hit outdoors in Norcal with caterpillars. Some suggested neem another offered chemical spray. What to choose? I have none right now, just dont want my shit ate up. Anything i should do on the prevention level or no? thanks in advance :thanks:
  4. N

    Kushie Kush or Tiger Bloom?

    Which one do I choose?
  5. B

    What's your fav vaporizer?

    The problem is I have no expernice so I have no idea what to choose. anyone can help me out here? :thumb: