1. G

    Need help choosing new LED!

    Hey guys I've herd alot about these white cob LEDs cree in particular. Does anyone have experience with these LEDs. I need more light so any good brands or what to look for would be much appreciated. Thanks
  2. Jarimuana

    LED Brand Comparison - Which One To Buy

    Welcome 420 to the age old debate over LEDs! As LEDs become increasingly popular many of us are switching. I've been growing with CFLs for Germ + Seedling and MH and HPS for Veg + Flower. The time has come to buy an LED panel. I and many of us have been researching our socks off trying to get...
  3. Curly Beaver

    Can you help a blind guy choose a vape?

    If you are knowledgeable about vapes please visit this thread and give Gramps a hand choosing a vape. He is blind so it needs to be pretty simple to operate. Visit his thread here: New to all this Thank you. :thanks:
  4. B

    Which seed?

    I was planning on starting to grow some plants, just for personals, but I'm not sure what type to grow. I need something easy, easily concealable, for indoor growing. If at all possible, looking for something to make me have one of those highs that makes you have provoking thoughts. There...

    Preparing to hunt for clones...

    So im getting ready to go hunt for clones and im located near the bay, ill be looking for clones there so i was wondering if anyone had good recommendations for where i should look, but i wasnt sure if you guys had a reference, possibly with pictures, so i can see how healthy clones look. I...
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