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  1. 420

    Special Thanks & Please Welcome Chris Scorpio To The 420 Staff

    Please join us in welcoming Chris Scorpio formerly known as Scorpio420 to our staff as Spambot Patrol. :cheer2: Chris's spirit of volunteerism is inspiring and without the commitment of members like him, we would never be able to continue in our mission. He has been a great addition to our...
  2. Ron Strider

    Industrial Hemp New Star Crop In Montana Agriculture

    "It has taken 17 years to finally get our first crop in the ground." In 2001, industrial hemp became legal to grow in Montana. And considering it's one of the fastest growing crops around, it's amazing how long it took to actually be planted in Montana soil. "We have about six hundred...
  3. K

    Former California Mayor Clears The Way For Cannabis Companies

    I recently followed up with Chris Brown, former mayor of Hawthorne, California and current CMO for the FOXX firm, a leading cannabis law firm in California. Under Chris's direction, he was able to leverage cannabis cultivation opportunities and bring them to the almost bankrupt city of Adelanto...