1. G

    Outdoor Grow pH

    Howdy all, So I have an outdoor grow of two Indica Strains, delicious candy & Barneys pineapple chunk. I am in queensland Australia and it is the middle of our summer. These two plants are part of a previous thread - Is my plant re-vegging? Is my plant re-vegging? Hopefully that works. Cut...
  2. G

    Is my plant re-vegging?

    Hello all, I am new to the community and this is my first post so I hope I don't stuff it up to much :) I am based in Queensland Australia, hot tropical climate where you can pretty much grow all year round. I grow both outdoor and indoor however this is the first time I have put a plant from a...
  3. unforgiven

    Pineapple Chunk finally sprouted not as expected

    so this is all that came of the pineapple chunk freebie from gorilla... at least 2-3 of a short video, but don't know if i can load it here. it's on top of a pretty dry rapid rooter. any ideas folks???
  4. U

    Abandoned Ubertron Pineapple Chunk LED

    Hello World, This is my first indoor hyrdo grow. 4th grow ever. Will provide weekly updates. Welcome any advice or questions. Lights: 100w LED Flood Light 6500k (first 2 weeks) 4x 4' T5 Tubes 6500k (while waiting for LEDs) PlatinumLED P450 (forever <3) Tent: Original Stacker Grow Tents -...
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