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  1. c99 x blueberry fast

    c99 x blueberry fast

  2. F

    Starting week 5 of flower and small buds - Why?

    So today will be the 5th weeks starting flowering l, but I feel like my buds are undersized. I have topped my plant in veg and now am flowering I have cut some of the fan leaves and lower branches to help get bigger buds, my plant looks thin but I do have some good buds. What is my issue are my...
  3. J189RFC

    Side by Side - PeakSeedBC Cindy99 #2 & #4 - 2 x 300W Mars Hydro LEDs

    So every year I get just a little bit better at this. Not much, but a little. This year has been good for getting better and investing into better equipment, soil, nutes, etc. I am happy to be here today to do this grow. Now while this isn't sponsored by Mars Hydro LED - the Best Solutions...
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