1. Katelyn Baker

    SD: Circuit Court Denies Marijuana Measure For November Ballot

    Pierre - A measure involving marijuana will not be on the November 2016 general election ballot, according to Attorney General Marty Jackley. Jackley said in a news release Tuesday that Circuit Court Judge Mark Barnett denied the measure because of the insufficient number of valid signatures...
  2. Katelyn Baker

    Ninth Circuit Rejects Hawaii Cannabis Ministry's RFRA Challenge

    The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit recently upheld the convictions of two ministers of the Hawaii Cannabis Ministry who admitted using and distributing large quantities of cannabis in accordance with their religious beliefs. The Hawaii Cannabis Ministry was founded in 2000 in the...
  3. T

    2 questions if I may

    First ? Why are there a number of new sprouts with 1st leaves growing in the same soil of a potted mj plant?? Obviously i need to get rid but how did this happen! Second ? Whats the maximum load of light wattage a UK electrical circuit can safely take?? e.g will 2x600w bulbs be ok to run...
  4. S

    Which sort of drivers to use!?

    I am trying to figure out what sort of drivers i need for my LED lights. 1.If you have any advice on different circuits (eg. reduced numbers of lights per circuit, parallel, mix and match) let me know :thumb: All have a forward current of 700mA in every light The lights in these...
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