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  1. I

    Is Treasure Island from Sin City Seeds nitrogen sensitive - Claw

    Hi fellow growers! :) I am on my 3rd grow, this time running some Treasure Island. I am wondering if this TI is more sensitive to nitrogen. I am running the same nutes in hydro as previous runs with other strains (FN Micro/Grow/Bloom) at less than 1000 ppm in 4th week of flower. I am starting...
  2. J

    What causes the Claw?

    I read a couple of years ago a really good (convincing) reason that someone gave for the claw. One that actually seemed to perfectly fit with my conditions at the time ... Trouble is my memory's not so good and I can't find it by searching ... I don't think that too much N is the only...
  3. F

    Leave tips clawing down - Nitrogen toxicity?

    This is not my plant but the clawed tip looks EXACTLY what I see. I am confused since I don't see any way that the plant I grow has Nitrogen toxicity (as the article suggests where I found the image). Some of the lower leaves had turned yellowish, so I was strongly assuming N *deficiency*, but...
  4. P

    What's wrong?

    Hello.. this is my first post on here. this is my first grow also. my husband uses medical marijuana for peripheral neuropathy . My question is. something's wrong with several outdoor plants. My leaves curling under like a bird claw. I will try to upload a photo but I can't seem to find the menu...
  5. J

    To feed or not to feed?

    I'm getting some fading in week four and a little yellowing on the leaf tips and margins. Soil: Roots Organic w/ 20% Perlite added, in 10 gallon grow bags Water: pH 6.3, dechlorinated with Prime Nutrients: Bio Grow and Bio Bloom Additives/Supplements: SLF-100, Potassium...
  6. M

    1st Grow & Needing Help

    I have 2 plants at about a month today(3/6/16 first day of green out of soil). I'm using a mixture of CFL's and LED's(LEDs are bulbs and one cheaper 2x2 square 115 led's, light.) they are in one gallon smart pots, being xfered to 5 gallon on Friday. They are both currently in FFOF soil and have...
  7. G

    Seedling help!

    Hello! I am new to the forum and looking for a little seedling help. Setup: Indoors, open room plenty of air flow 68° f Fox farms ocean forest 1 gallon bucket Watering: tap not sure of Ph yet. Lighting 2x 2' Sylvania premium daylight 6500k Octron bulbs to 1250 lumens 17W My second set of leaves...
  8. L

    How to handle nitrogen toxicity in hot soil

    Hi All, Day 17V Pineapple Chunk I've got a bit of a nitrogen toxicity problem that started when I left for the long weekend and decided to give my plant a bit more water than normal. For the record I'm growing in Miracle grow moisture control (a mistake) with 25% perlite and this particular...
  9. 302LX

    Leaves are curling down on tips but the leaves arent dark green.

    As the title states, leaves are curling down on tips but the leaves arent dark green. The plant early on has some problems with magnesium DEF but that is fine now. The plant is growing like crazy. tons of new leaves and so forth. Starting to smell like weed too ;) it is in soil, havent started...
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