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clay pellets

  1. Cannbidoscar

    C's New Start May 19: 100% Clay Pebble Mini Hempy Autos, TS-1000

    So I've been away from growing for a while and decided to invest in some decent hardware ;) Bucket Size - 1 gallon Medium - 100% clay pebble Tent - 70cm X 70cm X 160cm Black Orchid Airflow - Black Orchid mixed flo extractor + filter, clip on fan inside, passive intake Lights - Mars Hydro...
  2. N

    Clay balls

    So yeah my clay balls came in the post today (never done hydro before) and I thought I would gI've them a soak to clean them as it says on the web I soaked them for about 4hours and when I went to change the water the clay balls softened and now I have a bucket full of wet mushy clay? What happened?
  3. F

    Will A LAYER of Clay Pellets in soil increase pot drainage?

    Im doing a passive hydro with a peatmoss soilless mix(sunshine mix#4) and i heard that if you mix clay pellets or rather put a Layer of clay in the middle that u can increase drainage in turn resulting in more frequent waterings/fertilzers with less chance of salt build up and nut lock...
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