1. Angel413

    Help! Weed plant trichomes turning amber and pistils are white I don’t know what to do

    Strain: jack herer
  2. C

    Hair follicle drug test help please

    Hello I have a hair follicle drug test for a job sometime in January I have shaved all body hair and I'm have everything needed for the Macujo method. The only thing that confused me is when you rinse with the test clear aloe shampoo twice do i leave the shampoo in for 10-15 mins recommend by...
  3. bipolar

    My Clones Are Not Growing Roots

    Today is day 11 for the first batch. I took 12 cutting off a mother plant grown from Crop King CB Dream seeds. I took the cuttings with a Exacto knife cleaned with bleach. Cut them at a 45 degree angle and applied fresh Clonex root gel and placed them in 1 1/2" rock wool cubes that are wet but...
  4. N

    Trichomes: clear to cloudy time-frame?

    Stupid question time (the only type I ask, it seems) Can anyone tell me, roughly, how long it takes for trichomes to go from clear to cloudy, and then from cloudy to amber? (On White Widows / Dark Angels from CKS, under a 1000w HPS) I know this is VERY plant specific, but all I want is a sort...
  5. C

    Hey - Is this a female or male?

    it's my first time, and i had 2 topics about my plant before. but the gender was not clear. now, it's getting bigger, so i need your information. white hair are coming out i think..
  6. S

    Clear pot?

    Could I grow in a clear pot?
  7. M

    Did I mess up?

    ok so just a question maybe an urban legend but I did the dilution method and was pissing clear water essentially by the time my test was due. So I drank a can of Red Bull and 2 cups of coffee and stalled and actually had yellow piss when the test came even tho it was clear void before and after...
  8. J

    Just need some ease of mind!

    Got hit with a random DOT UA test. Went to Quest Diagnostics to take my test. Used "Test clear" powdered urine along with my own. (Half and half because the test clear container didn't fill the test cup all the way) I last smoked some pretty good stuff 21 days prior to test. Hadn't smoked for a...
  9. V

    Completed Vapoholic's 2nd Grow - Northern Lights - Soil

    Alright, following the fail with hydro here Vapoholic's Skunk 2016 - First Grow I took a short break and decided to try soil. I don't know if it was the water or something else contaminating the water, but I simply could not get a clean reservoir, even with R/O water. I ended up having to clean...
  10. GabeNeo

    Clear Rez from EZClone

    A while back someone posted something on using Clear Rez in your cloner. I have been using Hospital grade disinfectant called Excelite, which was really cheap at 20 bucks a gallon. Well I cannot find it anymore but at I did find a gallon of something a few bucks more on Amazon However someone...
  11. K

    Clear snot mucus crap on my root?

    Aaaa....have u seen ghost busters? U remember the green slime guy.....why is he on my roots...and getting root rot?..... The slime is clear to white in pics....this is a problem I had in the past.....but anybody ever experienced this? Any remidies.....I tried h202 but it couldn't...
  12. F

    Help before harvest time

    Hey all I wanted some advice on harvest time. I have been flushing my soil ladies for 10 days now, n when I checked the trichomes they look clear still. Not sure what to do as I thought I was close to harvest time, the majority of trichomes appear clear. Can I continue flushing and will...
  13. Radogast

    Small white somethings - Spreading fast

    Background - over the past 5 months I was battling spider mites. was - past tense. There may be some mites if I look long enough and hard enough with a loupe, but no obvious mites issues were noticed for several weeks. I controlled the mites with 1% neem oil in water with soap emulsifier...
  14. T

    First grow - Simple questions needs simple answers

    Hello my fellow bud brothers. Knowledge is power is what i hear most of the time yet knowledge can confuse you specially on the internet. I already build my box (handmade) and i am ready and excited to what will come next. I am really confused though because there are so many suggestions in...
  15. trichomes

    Deceiving Trichs cloudy trichomes appear clear under bright light?

    Are these Clear or Cloudy Trichomes w/ Amber on a few. The eyeball/circle in the middle is stumping me, these are cloudy trichs, I think the light on the scope makes the stem appear as the circle you see on the trichs.I think I se a few amber trichomes too. thoughts? thank you!
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