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  1. Butter Milk

    Butter's Auto Anesthesia: Indoor, Soil, LED 4-65W

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to get a journal started. I’m growing 2 plants, 1 sprouted a week late, but is catching up quickly in size. I am using LST on the older plant (9/7/18) and I FIM’d the younger plant (9/13/18) @ 15 days. As of Oct. 1st they are 24 and 17 days old. Both growing in one 3...
  2. jme_j

    Cleveland NORML 2011 FallOut Fundraiser

    For details: The Cleveland NORML FallOut 2011 is on! It will be on October 29, 2011 starting at 3:00pm at The Garage Bar 1859 W 25th St., Cleveland OH - 216-696-7772. Mark your calendars! Ask your friends, family and everyone else if they want to stop by! Come out and have a great...
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