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climate control questions

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    Root Temp & Room Temp

    I am in need of growing my cannibis in a more secure location. Problem is, it’s hard to keep the room temperature at a consistent level. I’ve heard that keeping the water that the roots are in at a certain temperature can keep the plant going well even if the room gets hot. If I bought a water...
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    5x5 Grow Tent In Shed

    hey friends! I am hoping to start a grow in my new home, which has a significantly large shed out back. I live in southern louisiana where the weather is sometimes unpredictable, hot, and humid. I'll be starting in late fall, so i have a few questions. I'll be growing in a 5x5ft vivosun...
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    How do i keep my 4x4 tent kool?

    I have a hurricane 6inch inline fan pushing in 435 cfm into my tent and just a booster inline 8inch pulling out at the top. Im running an led so the light is not the issue. The issue is i have my hurricane secured to pull from the air directly outside. On days its 90 and 100 plus degrees how do...
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