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  1. 20181226_234523.jpg


    Auto thunder bloody mary Close up December 26 2018 Day 8 from sprouting
  2. K

    Is My LST On An Auto Correct? Journal

    I have started growing a sensi skunk auto in my closet, now check this as its the most basic set up you can think of. I got a tent and a 125watt cfl. That's it. Gonna put a little fan soon but don't know about lighting. It's my very first grow just seeing what happens, I'm at about 2 weeks after...
  3. Skylinedive

    I'm finally starting! (first grow, hydro-grow cabinet)

    I'm very excited to say that I'm ready to start my first grow! I decided to buy a grow closet from Super Closet. I know this was en expensive way of starting. I've read a bunch of journals and seen a lot of home-configurations-on-a-budget; everything went great for them. So... I get that...
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