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  1. Bubbafreed

    Clones Possible 3 Days Into 12/12?

    Guys and girls can I clone from plant that I have just put into 12/12 3-4 days in? Your feedback would be much appreciated
  2. 86C6F880-5E7C-4B9F-A0DE-5015E5A659F3.png


    Think this is my other clone afghani kush
  3. H

    Need help with clones - 1st timer

    Hi 420 Folks! Even though this is may be a topic beat to death, I am still in need of help after reading many threads. I am a 1st time grower and I took the Go Big or Go Home approach and built a 8x8 veg/flower room with an ajoining 3x8 clone/mother room. The clone/mother room has two 8 lamp...
  4. B

    How much topping is too much?

    what's up yall! i am a first time grower and i would like to get some advice . my plant is a bit over 1 month old ( almost sure she is a female :cheer2: ) and is growing tall but the branches stay short (see pictures ) . I would like to know how much i could cut off the top and make it...
  5. RandumbDude

    Clones wilting

    I am a first time grower and these are my first clones. I cut my first clone 3 days ago, after making the initial cut I immediately put the clipping into PH 6 water and made the final 45° cut underwater, then placing it in root tech Gel and clipping the fan leaves to promote root growth...
  6. D

    NYPD clones treated with Colchicine?

    They are about 1 ft to 1 1/2 ft tall in the 3 week of veg. and have exploding growth everywhere. They look like green Q-tips.. Any suggestions on how to get them growing upward and outward? Help!!
  7. D

    Clones with brown patches need help with diagnosis

    I recently purchased Obama Kush Clones they were 21 days old when I got them. I have had them for one week. So they are not at about 28 days. This is my second attempt at a grow my first time ended badly with bad clones and bugs. They have brown patches that feel and look like dead leaves. What...
  8. D

    First Time DWC Grower Help. Yellowing of clones leaves.

    Grow Info: Week One DWC What Strain is it? Blue City Diesel Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Hybrid Indica dominant How Many Plants? 4 Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Plants are in Veg. Just picked them up from the dispensary Thursday. Day 6 in DWC...
  9. ISEARCH56

    Abandoned ISEARCH's Broken Branch - Now Growing In Croutons 2014

    FIRST I WANT TO SAY THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE MEMBERS HOW REPLY. Thank you for your time and knowledge that you will be CONTRIBUTING. This is my first grow. I have made lots of mistakes. I'm very grateful to have been BLESSED by all the HELP I've received with my 3 plants that are in soil. My # 1...
  10. K

    Help Please - first time taking cutting not sure if there's something wrong

    hi ther fellow growers n smokers jst looking for some help here as i took cutting 7 days ago now they were no sings of anything before i went to work this morning and wen i got bk i went to foilage feed them an i noticed they are starting to turn yellow at the new growth is this normal ...
  11. G

    How long do roots need to be on clones before potting

    I have some clones that are about 3 weeks old and have all started to root. I would say that the longest roots on some clones are about 1.5 inches and the shorter roots on other clones are just barely prickly looking. So how long do the roots need to be before moving over to soil? Right now...
  12. R

    Another attempt at cloning! Please Help me!

    Hey guy! Me Ruhaa here I'm attemping to clone again. This time I'm going with Root Roit cubes. I have read all the differnt post here. So I'm going by what I have read here. I'll keep post updates on my attemp this again. So i made my cut. I scraped 3\4inch of the stem. I use the clonx gel...
  13. S

    First timer needing help with clone

    I'm a first time grower and I've got a clone that I could use a little assistance with. I got my clone 18-20 days ago as a belated birthday gift. Last night I knew she was getting ready to be transplanted as she had doubled in size. So I read about it and realized I was cutting the...
  14. V

    Hello! :) Need some advice on growing my first girls

    HOPE I POSTED THIS IN THE RIGHT PLACE... Hey everyone...just joined but have been reading the threads for awhile now. Just started my 1st grow 3 days ago. Bought 2 clones. 1 Skywalkerog plant which is gorgeous...already has a beautiful leaf HUGE..growing more underneath. And a Platinum OG...
  15. Pisces-420

    Droopy Leaves Help!?

    Ok so noob grower here. I have an that I have had for 2 months just put into flowering...she is doing amazing. I also have a Strawberry cough clone with droopy leaves. When I bought here she had burnt tips(nutri. burn?) Yet the leaves where at least sticking out. Now she is all droopy what...
  16. J

    Limp yellowish dry bottom leaves Clone

    Hey All, I'm New to this site, and to growing.I've been growing my clone under a 100 watt equivalent CFL in my own little grow chamber. As Of late the bottom leaves have been turning dry, yellow, and droopy. It's an OG Herojuana Clone that I just rooted about 4 days ago, fed it light nutrients...
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