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    Strawberry Creme
  2. S

    First time growing

    Just bought my first clone the other day, brought it home immediately, repotted and watered, currently have it situated in a 3 foot deep cabinet I lined with aluminum foil, with an E26 LED lightbulb hanging over it bought it on April 7th, 2019, It’s now April 9th. Strain is Gigabud (Big Bud x...
  3. Tangerine


    12 in Tangerine Day 15 of Veg From Clone
  4. gorilla Glue #4

    gorilla Glue #4

    10 in GG #4 Day 15 of Veg From Clone
  5. Blue Alien

    Blue Alien

    10 in Blue alien Day 15 of Veg From Clone
  6. OG KUsh #2

    OG KUsh #2

    OG KUSH Day 15 of Veg From clone...
  7. OG KUSH #4

    OG KUSH #4

    OG KUSH #4 Day 15 of veg from clone...
  8. OG KUSH #1

    OG KUSH #1

    8 in OG Kush day 15 of veg from clone...
  9. J Obadiah

    J Obadiah's Multi-Strain Clones 2019

    Welcome to Obadiahs Multi Strain 2019 Journal! Thank everyone for stopping by. Very quickly I'm going to poat some content here to get the thread up, so I can finish everything I'm doing on time. So without further adieu, the ladies! We'll begin with the day of their arrival, March 30th, @...
  10. CloneMarch2019.jpg


    Another clone that didn't fit in the other shot.
  11. Brnwn4

    First Time Grow! Some From Clones Some From Solo

    SOIL GROW Strain - 1 cherry bomb, 8 Gorilla Bomb, 1 Grand Daddy Purp, 2 Blueberry Gum, 3 girl scout cookie. I have some cookie wreck cuttings rooting also. # of Plants - 15 plants Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage – Just Started Vege Setup – Not Sure? Light – viparspectra 600w (600PAR T) Nutrients -...
  12. Brnwn4

    Help: Wilting new clones, new grower

    Just got these clones Wednesday. It’s now Saturday. Car ride was kinda long when they’re were first cut. Buddy used clonex gel 45 degree shaved end and split middle? I have em in a tent in a dome with heat mat. At 81 f and 80% rh. They are still drooping and I know one is gonna die cause it’s...
  13. IMG_5666.JPG


    The other girl...
  14. 57443AE1-106F-4B06-8D47-AF2136C414A7.jpeg


    Baby 2
  15. Growingasmile

    Grape Presidential

    I bought a clone at a local dispensary but I can not find any info on it online and the dispense is keeping its secrets anyone ever hear of it?
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    Clones in Z-Blurple
  17. 2D971186-FC0F-46B8-8808-537C65B2A926.jpeg


    Topped Clone
  18. 977CA8FB-ABD4-4177-951E-F59CE17C4536.jpeg


    Berry Bomb Clone
  19. A5E5AB8C-F2E9-4F0E-8FD2-9AD3965227A6.jpeg


    Berry Bomb Clone
  20. IMG_20190101_140514360.jpg


    Kosher kush clone of mother that hermied, no male pistols so far
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