1. blue-dream-clone.jpg


    blue dream clone in flower
  2. B

    What can it be?

    near the second week after cloning
  3. StoneOtter

    XS1500 Pro LED Grow Light By ViparSpectra Grows A Bucket Of Clones

    THE VIPARSPECTRA XS1500 Pro 🌻 Hello and good growing! I see this new @ViparSpectra light doing big high energy work in peoples gardens! At low power consumption of course! Today it's going to the other end of the work spectrum and will be boasting its ability to function perfectly as a low...
  4. Sundae Driver Clone 1 (crop and resize version "a").jpg

    Sundae Driver Clone 1 (crop and resize version "a").jpg

    Sundae Driver Clone 1 after 17 days drying in fridge. Removed sticks and stems and put in jar. Camera was "Lumix point and shoot".
  5. Clones


    Clones taken last week friday
  6. 20220710_102915-01.jpeg


    Clone with blended fresh aloe drench
  7. 20220710_101249-01.jpeg


    Apple Fritter clones
  8. 20220710_100824-01.jpeg


    Apple Fritter clones
  9. RCCtools

    Chewing on your clones in place of rooting hormone?

    Has anyone else had experience doing this? My previous roommate told me about a story about a time when he messed up his friend's plant and in desperation ended up cutting a bunch of clones and chewing on them before planting. I guess he didn't have enough rooting hormone available. I thought...
  10. Roy Growin

    Chunky Skunk Clone SOG

    Autos in the tent flowering big time, plus a couple of incidental Cosmic Bomb which I had left over, 2-3 weeks old I have accumulated some freebies over the year, all photo-period seeds since I grew mostly autos last year One of particular interest is a Freedom of Seeds Chunky Skunk: Tends to...
  11. SBR Clone.jpg

    SBR Clone.jpg

    Sugar Black Rose Clone
  12. LKABudMan

    Completed LKABudMan Back In Deep Water: 4 Purple Haze Clones In RDWC

    Hello from beautiful Lake Anna Virginia. I started growing in September 2021 after studying and gathering for a couple of months. For my first grow I grew four plants in DWC. For my second I am growing three plants in soil, currently finishing the third week of 12/12. My wife and son both...
  13. 20220206_114920 JH 1.1.jpg

    20220206_114920 JH 1.1.jpg

    Jack Herer 1.1 untopped
  14. 20220206_115000 JH 1.1 topped.jpg

    20220206_115000 JH 1.1 topped.jpg

    Jack Herer 1.1 top
  15. 20220206_115010 JH 1.1 topped.jpg

    20220206_115010 JH 1.1 topped.jpg

    Jack Herer 1.1 topping
  16. Veg room

    Veg room

    Veg room and clone room
  17. Clone


    Clone of GSC and roots before being transferred to a 5 gallon fabric pot of coco.
  18. Gsc in flower tent

    Gsc in flower tent

    Gsc clone week 3 in flower tent
  19. Verbalist

    Taking clones: Vegging vs flowering plant

    Hi yall mag! :ciao: Threads topic pretty much asking the question. What do YOU prefer and why? Most of the time people has one mother plant where they tend to take the cuttings. Now I would like to hear your opinions about taking clones from plants at different stage/age. I've read both has...
  20. Herby Green

    Rooting in Rock Wool

    A brief note on results I've experienced cloning in rockwool. Following standard practices,rooting can be good but planting the clone in soil within the 1" cube has poor results for me. In short effe cts are poor uptake in water and nutrients due to low Oxygen,possible too moist causing plant...
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