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  1. Veg room

    Veg room

    Veg room and clone room
  2. Clone


    Clone of GSC and roots before being transferred to a 5 gallon fabric pot of coco.
  3. Gsc in flower tent

    Gsc in flower tent

    Gsc clone week 3 in flower tent
  4. Verbalist

    Taking clones: Vegging vs flowering plant

    Hi yall mag! :ciao: Threads topic pretty much asking the question. What do YOU prefer and why? Most of the time people has one mother plant where they tend to take the cuttings. Now I would like to hear your opinions about taking clones from plants at different stage/age. I've read both has...
  5. Herby Green

    Rooting in Rock Wool

    A brief note on results I've experienced cloning in rockwool. Following standard practices,rooting can be good but planting the clone in soil within the 1" cube has poor results for me. In short effe cts are poor uptake in water and nutrients due to low Oxygen,possible too moist causing plant...
  6. Purple Haze Clone - 2.5 months old

    Purple Haze Clone - 2.5 months old

  7. 20210427_080526 TCK.jpg

    20210427_080526 TCK.jpg

    Tin Can Kush cuttings
  8. ThaTinMan

    In The Beginning

    THE HARDEST thing to do, is to get started. Now this is for the Simi serious folks. Costs are under 500 clams for equipment! Dude that's cheap!! For the exception of a tent or room ventilation, very important that there is good understanding..... that's it's a gonna get hot! But budget gives a...
  9. IMG_20210305_144611.jpg


    My clone I am playing with .
  10. firstrootedclone.JPG


    First rooted clone for 2021
  11. IMG_0129.JPG


    Bucket Cloner
  12. IMG_20210125_152556.jpg


    My clone just starting to get ready to take off. Need two weeks and flip now ..blue Thai cut..
  13. 20201224_140455.jpg


  14. Red Afro

    Red Afro

  15. Bubbaman

    My do si dos clone 8 weeks flower

    Week 8 of flower just wanted to she how she’s going. Feed back would be great thanks. This is now my 7th grow. I received this plant as a clone. Just harvested 3 white widow plants about 2 months ago. Last 4 photos are my white widows after dry and cure
  16. Red Afro

    Red Afro

    Clone #3
  17. Bubbaman

    On week 8 of flower now with my Do Si Dos

    I’m now into week 8 buds looking far and very smelly. Do si dos is the strain. What do you think
  18. Red Afro

    Red Afro

  19. Red Afro

    Red Afro

  20. Kalashnikov


    First sign of roots
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