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  2. Red Afro

    Red Afro

  3. Bubbaman

    My do si dos clone 8 weeks flower

    Week 8 of flower just wanted to she how she’s going. Feed back would be great thanks. This is now my 7th grow. I received this plant as a clone. Just harvested 3 white widow plants about 2 months ago. Last 4 photos are my white widows after dry and cure
  4. Red Afro

    Red Afro

    Clone #3
  5. Bubbaman

    On week 8 of flower now with my Do Si Dos

    I’m now into week 8 buds looking far and very smelly. Do si dos is the strain. What do you think
  6. Red Afro

    Red Afro

  7. Red Afro

    Red Afro

  8. Kalashnikov


    First sign of roots
  9. LLsBestGo

    LL'sBestGo's: Variety Pro-Mix HP LED Grow

    Welcome one, welcome all! Here's my second grow on :420: grow area 2'8"x2'8" Lighting 2 x 110 actual watt, 1000 watt equivalent Soil Nutrients Bug control Diatomaceous earth Neem Oil
  10. Animal cookies motherplant

    Animal cookies motherplant

    Motherplant and clone propigation tray under two Mars Eco 110 watt
  11. Sex Wax

    Sex Wax

    Cloned and flipped! New strain for me
  12. IMG_20201002_053928.jpg


    Platinum garlic clone 51 wet
  13. IMG_20200926_071541.jpg


    Took down a clone early as it wasn't doin good in the pit and soil . Figure head high buzz might end up with 5 grams or so but better then nothing . Laughing Buddah is on day two hanging. Better buds mostly cloudy should be good head high too.
  14. Nursery View.JPG

    Nursery View.JPG

  15. IMG_20200917_220108.jpg


    Clone of platinum garlic by in house genetics
  16. Blue Dream Clones

    Blue Dream Clones

  17. Blue Dream Clone

    Blue Dream Clone

  18. Blue Dream Clone

    Blue Dream Clone

  19. Blue Dream Clones

    Blue Dream Clones

  20. Blue Dream Clone

    Blue Dream Clone

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