1. C

    Cloner Build

    Hey folks, I almost bought an EZ-cloner, but ended up saving $$$ and building my own. Using 3/4" PVC for the entire build along with Rainbird misters/sprayers. You can find pretty much everything at your local hardware store; Lowes, Homedepot, Ace etc. I used a PVC cutter, and drill for cutting...
  2. D

    Cloner bucket

    Just got finished building a cloner bucket. It has 17 spray nozzles with a 390 gph pump. I have tested it with the lid off and the spray covers over the top of the bucket just fine. I just wanted to know from others that have used this type of setup do you put your pump on a timer or do you let...
  3. mouser

    Fogponics cloner questions

    OK...Im building a fogponics cloner...single disk with float, 5g bucket/lid 2" collars etc.. Wondering what the best cycle is... Im thinking 30s every 5 min or so? Anyone else play with these emitters?
  4. BedroomFarmer

    Air powered aeroponic cloner! No more over heating!

    Alright so here is my hydro cloner. I haven't really seen anyone using these aero misters, so I bought them to see how well they work. These are fantastic and I want to get the word out on the Dewey mister! This is a aero mister that doesn't run off a fountain pump. It runs off an air pump so...
  5. G

    DIY LED Panel

    I could use some help. Ive just built a large cob system with 18 hlg-320h-c2100 drivers and now I am building my own cheap little cloner Led using 3w epistar 6500k warm whites. I'll only have a max of 20 leds per 40 site cloner so total of 60v so using a 240h-c700 is a waste of money...
  6. Emilya Green

    10 Minute DIY Tupperware Bubble Cloner

    I have made several of these over the years, and I am pretty sure I remember giving my last one away. Today I had a need to reliably produce a large number of clones, and the easiest and most reliable method I have found is the bubble cloner. After finding the suitable plastic tub to destroy...
  7. D

    Hello from NC

    :thumb::420:Just found this place yesterday. Was looking for info on my new cloner. Found the info right here. Looking forward to all the info . And new knowledge.
  8. BlazingBill

    Homemade cloner got wrong misters

    Will 90deg misters work in a homemade cloner? I know everyone uses 360 misters, but I screwed the pooch on this one and accidentally ordered the 90's Its gonna look like this one with a 18 Gal tote.
  9. madmarv0525

    Fogger cloner - What am I doing wrong?

    So I built a diy fogger cloner and before the cuttings have a chance to root they dry out even with me misting them 2-3 times per day. Should I add an air stone or does it sound like I'm doing something else wrong. I'm trying to run a perpetual grow but my clone game is way off right now please...
  10. cannilingus

    New cloner for me

    hi i allready had a black 20 x 9 seedling tray. i purchased a unit built of some kind of pourous pipeing, that criss crossed the bottom of it, and had two air line ports. added about a gallon of my ph water to it, and put clones in foam collars, that came with rafts. i have never had anything...
  11. W

    Any advice? First grow private reserve purple master lost of pics

  12. DutchDude

    Aero cloner with light and smell proof tent for $75

    Lets see what I can remember pricing wise: For the cloner itself: - 18 gallon Rubbermaid Roughneck $7.97 (HD) - 375 gph fountain pump $20 (Fleabay) - 1 yard 5/8" clear tube (indicator + pump connection) $0.69 - 1 eight foot length of 1/2" schedule 40 pipe $1.59 - Bag of ten 1/2" T's $1.79 -...
  13. MisterPeabody

    Deep Water Culture with Fogponic Contruction

    I started off with this design mainly due to it being low profile and small. Cheap Sterilite container I took some 2" site plugs and drilled a hole in them. EZ Cloner plugs fit into the 2"site plugs perfectly. Doing this eliminates leaks at the site plugs. Once the holes are cut in the...
  14. LowDoughGrow

    Low Dough's "Project Dollar Store" Cloner

    Many of us have an eye for off-label uses of products. What one person sees as a useless item, may look like a miracle product to another. Sometime we read things in these forums that seem obvious to us but not everyone has the Macgyver gene inside them. For this reason it is important for us to...
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