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  1. T

    Best light for cloner tray

    Yeah I know silly question but hey........ So Im thinking on a 30 pot hydro cloner system. what would the best wattage be? like a 40 watt was what I was thinking? So could use some suggestions:bong:
  2. B

    New ol' dog on block

    Hello. Just joined 420 blog. Did it even though I should really be at work now. But I thought I'd take another quick peek at my 4 newer clones I just bought about 9 days ago. And what do you know? They are already beginning flowering. I'm pissed! I have 14 hours of outdoor light. I really...
  3. G

    i need best clones

    hey herb world of patients im new and i need clones were can i go in s. califorinas ;)
  4. C

    EZ Clone tips?

    Just got a 60 site EZ clone. Setup in my VEG room which remains around 50% Humidity and 83 degrees F Just took 60 clones yesterday and put them in, 3 feet away from a 4lamp T5 sprayed them with water a bunch last night. Today all are wilted!! Will they bounce back? Why don't EZ...
  5. T

    Dispensary Review - HDC Herbal Discount Collective

    This is the first review of many dispencaries to come. As a new card holder, but a well informed one, I'm all about quality, cleanliness, cost and customer service. My new customer status with everyone in LA should not only scoe me some free stuff but test the employee's to see how they treat...
  6. Smallzz420

    My DIY EZ-Cloner (really good way to clone)

    This is my first time cloning ever. I though i would share it with you all. I built my ez-cloner for just under 55$(for everthing) I though about getting a real one, but to pay 300 some odd $$$ to get a ez-cloner is a little steep i thought. So i got on to google looking for DIY stuff and found...
  7. DrTentgrow

    Seeds or Clones?

    Hello i can get hold of 10 good quality clones of cheese weed in 2 weeks but i am tempted to get 20 good decent feminized seeds instead in the hope to get 10 strong plants from them. i can get the seeds now if i like. could some one please let me know which would be the better idea. thanks...
  8. WildestViolet

    Cloning and Genetics question

    I posted a question yesterday and being new to this site, I probably did it wrong so forgive the repetition, because I am still unsure how to delete a post. I have copied and pasted it here for feedback..Thanks All. My questions may seem pathetic at first, so bear with me. We had a bacterial...
  9. seedling

    Seedling's White Widow AND Grape Ape Grow Journal -Nov2008

    Hey guys I'm starting this journal a bit late since I only recently decided I was going to create one here, I do however have photos from very early when I started this all with the White Widow clone using nothing but the sunlight from my window:13: and straight, nasty tapwater:25: I got my...
  10. R

    Big clone problem

    Hi there!, I'm a newbie to the growing of the happy herb and i'm having issues. I was given two red skunk clones about two weeks ago as a thank you for minding my mates house. They were contained in two cubes of a rockwool cube type material. I had them sitting outside in the sun for about...
  11. P

    Ph down

    I have hard water of about 7.5 ph from my taps, is mixing vinegar with it to lower ph a bad method? any help please? oh and what humidity do i need for clones?
  12. H

    Flowering Clones..... are they worth it?

    Whats up Y'all? Its been a while since Ive been in here and I have some questions to stir up. I have cloned from both flowering plants and veg plants and have cloned as late as three days before harvest and had great success....But, I'm not sure if there is any advantage in any of the...
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