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    Clonex Mist - Does anybody know if this stuff makes a substantial difference?

    I've never used this before I just use the clonex gel, it was only £5 so thought i'd see if it helps, has anyone got any experience using this? If so what do you think? Thanks
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    Did 8 Clones Off My Afgani Plants First Time

    Just used the lower branches of my two biggest known female plants at seven weeks. I used Pro-mix which i sterilized in the micro-wave for two min. until it was steaming hot. Soaked the promix with liquid Clonex as per directions. I did scrape the skin off the branches with a razor blade. Put...
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    Cabinets, simple story set up

    Well, since I live in So. Cali...thank God for freedom, I Am a medical MJ user, yet since age 13 off and on user. So since the cal. Sup. Court put no limits on what I can grow, I have the required 25 sq ft area and more, I grow my own. Yet, not a fancy grower, but I did once grow a closet...
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