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  1. S

    Cloning to lower THC levels without sacrificing CBD?

    Is this possible? The reason I ask is because Id like to use a version of ACDC but the lowest its THC levels go down to is 0.42% which is still above the 0.3 threshold. Would trying to clone ACDC with Charlotte's Web balance it out? I saw some talk about degradation of THC levels from...
  2. San Trovaso

    CanaGrow's - Indoor Soil Dinafem Dinamed CBD Auto 300W LED

    Here we go fellow growers! Ordered directly from Dinafem on 4/20 (had a decent seed deal of double your order) so ordered 3 Dinamed CBD Auto Femenized doubled to 6 and a free criticle plus (photo) This entire grow will be done on a pretty tight budget using my existing cheapo setup. Hey its...
  3. WizHigh

    Need to Clone ASAP but how soon?

    How soon or developed does the branches have to be to start taking clones? The reason I'm asking is my one plant has gone under so much problems and instead of growing from seed again I want to clip clones from it. I don't even want to put it in to flowering because I know it will be a waste. I...
  4. Odorous

    Cloning help!

    is this shoot big enough to be cloned? anyone that can help thatd be awesome thanks!
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