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cloning help

  1. Verbalist

    Whats going on with these Clones?

    Two of them look like that and rest of them are fine. two of them having top leaves curling up or the leave tips twisting around and the edges looks little crispy. Theyre inside the dome, no ventilation yet - just removing the lid every day to mist the lid then put it back. Pellets & cubes are...
  2. meejay

    Something wrong with my clone?

    Hello everyone, I have cut two clones on Friday. This is the second day and I have realized one of them seem to have nasty colors on it's leaves and the shoots. What would be the problem here? I am keeping the girls in a plastic bag and spraying everyday. This one looks nice

    Here to learn

    I'm new to the site but been growing my own for a few years now. I'm here to learn more tips n tricks. Have a great day all and a big Thank you to 420 Magazine for my acceptance...
  4. S

    Cloning to lower THC levels without sacrificing CBD?

    Is this possible? The reason I ask is because Id like to use a version of ACDC but the lowest its THC levels go down to is 0.42% which is still above the 0.3 threshold. Would trying to clone ACDC with Charlotte's Web balance it out? I saw some talk about degradation of THC levels from...
  5. A

    Help - Cloning from plants I purchased

    I am new at this... I purchased some real nice plants from a friends brother a few months ago. They are doing super well and have grown more than a foot since I've had them. My friend's son works with my friends brother, (so his uncle). I had told my friend the other day that I gave a few...
  6. B

    Help with Clones

    Hey everyone i just recently wanted to Clone my mother plant of GSC. With this being my first attempt at cloning i watched multiple videos on how to do it so i said why not try. I have a humidity Dome with a Light placed right on it. Supplies i used were Dyna Root Gel the Pargo quick drain...
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