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  1. meejay

    Something wrong with my clone?

    Hello everyone, I have cut two clones on Friday. This is the second day and I have realized one of them seem to have nasty colors on it's leaves and the shoots. What would be the problem here? I am keeping the girls in a plastic bag and spraying everyday. This one looks nice

    Here to learn

    I'm new to the site but been growing my own for a few years now. I'm here to learn more tips n tricks. Have a great day all and a big Thank you to 420 Magazine for my acceptance...
  3. S

    Cloning to lower THC levels without sacrificing CBD?

    Is this possible? The reason I ask is because Id like to use a version of ACDC but the lowest its THC levels go down to is 0.42% which is still above the 0.3 threshold. Would trying to clone ACDC with Charlotte's Web balance it out? I saw some talk about degradation of THC levels from...
  4. A

    Help - Cloning from plants I purchased

    I am new at this... I purchased some real nice plants from a friends brother a few months ago. They are doing super well and have grown more than a foot since I've had them. My friend's son works with my friends brother, (so his uncle). I had told my friend the other day that I gave a few...
  5. B

    Help with Clones

    Hey everyone i just recently wanted to Clone my mother plant of GSC. With this being my first attempt at cloning i watched multiple videos on how to do it so i said why not try. I have a humidity Dome with a Light placed right on it. Supplies i used were Dyna Root Gel the Pargo quick drain...
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