cloning rapid rooter

  1. SweetSue

    Cloning Basics, SweetSue’s Way

    Cloning Basics, SweetSue’s Way This is my adaptation of Lembatoast’s cloning method. The chief difference is I use aloe and he uses Clonex. We have similar success rates. You’ll need: * plant to take cutting from * aloe vera filet and a knife to trim and harvest the gel (cut the tip off...
  2. WizHigh

    DIY 3 in 1 Hydro system

    3 in 1 DIY Hydro/Clone/DWC Things Youll Need. Home Depot has everything. Just get the air pump from Petco 1. Which ever size tote you'd like to use. In this I used a 3 gallon for people who is minimized with space. 2. 1/2 inch Flexible black tubing about 3feet. (just incase you cut...
  3. B

    Clone Machine What Nuts?

    I have a Home made Clone Machine... Works Great 98% sucess rate. Question is what Nuts do you use? I have tried light less then 25% AN Base Bloom nuts. Also have tried adding Root 66 free sample given to me and few drops of SuperThrive. This last time I used Plain Tap water with few dropes of...
  4. R

    Questions about Cloning with Rapid Rooter plugs

    General Hydroponics Rapid Rooter plugs, I want to try these but have a few questions. Has anyone ever used them? what are the differences cloning with these versus rockwool or soil? Same humidity dome rules? What about watering plugs? :peace: :thankyou:
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