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    Clones still.alibe day 4
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    Rooting topped or fimmed cuttings?

    Hello everyone, I've been thinking if trying to clone topped cuttings is a good idea and if someone here has done it? I did a little bit of searching and couldn't find anything about it, but maybe someone here could help me. In the beginning I thought maybe is not being done because the plant...
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    Clone one the main that I took from @Pennywise
  4. R

    My Cloning

    new to the forum been growing a while now but ran into an issue my cloning is failing I have been using the deep water method with air stones it has worked good in the past with 80% the problem has been I get a muchus build up on my stem down in the water let say I am using well water that is...
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    150w SOG Help!

    Ok well, I am planning on buying a 150w Hps, having a mother, taking clones and around 8 small clones budding, harvesting every 2 months, hopefully give me 100gr+. My question is: Well I can buy a prop tray with rockwood, and root grow, so How should I do this? Do I need to veg under cfls...
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