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  1. D

    When to add light to the mix

    hi everyone i have recently had a few of my seeds sprout form my rock wool cubes the leaves are not developed and are still closed but they have broken through the surface. when should i throw them under the light?
  2. X

    Will it smell soon?

    Hi everyone, Easy question for pro grower. White Cookie growing Currently, im at 21 days into flowering and i have a little question that im worried about. I have 4 plants in a tent 4 X 4 X 80 in my garage. They are in a closed room that is 15 X 10 into that garage. My garage size is...
  3. U

    Got busted - Think search is illegal - Based on lie from police

    Hi everybody, I got busted with approx an ounce of weed stored in an air tight jar, three cookie cans with lids on containing approx 1/2 ounce of dried leafes and a 4*4 tent with a 600HPS dimmed to 400W and one plant 20 inch tall still vegging. The police claimed that strong cannabis smell...
  4. B

    Autoflower Topping Thread

    Well it looks like they closed the auto topping thread, bummer, I was enjoying that thread. I guess I will post some pics here pineapple kush 21 days topped at 14 days Caramelicious auto untopped 21days I am going to start some lst on them tonight and see how that...
  5. L

    Is Herbies closed?

    Went to look around and it appears to be closed.
  6. G

    What's up at Herbies?

    Just went over to herbies site and its closed until further notice. anyone know whats up?
  7. MickFoster

    Herbie's Is Closed

    Just tried to go on line and when you click on Herbie's a message stating that they are closed until further notice.
  8. K

    ON: Marijuana Dispensaries Closed On Gladstone Avenue And In Blackburn Hamlet

    A couple of Ottawa's marijuana dispensaries have closed. The Capital Essence shop on Innes Road has been closed since Nov. 4, the day police raided half a dozen dispensaries across town, according to a nearby business owner. "I guess they took a bit of a fright," said the owner, who didn't...
  9. Light Addict

    LA's really quick guide to tip spreading for node stacking!

    Hey folks this is a simple one to say the least! So were trying to get the most out of our gardens. So think about how to maximize every basic your using. This leads to my little trick of simply opening up the closed tip foliage of each colas site repeatedly by hand. This process could...