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  1. My closet grow

    My closet grow

  2. Gibgezr

    Gibgezr's First Grow - Northern Lights Feminized Auto - 2017

    Hi folks! I'm off on a journey: my first grow. I'll be using Crop King feminized autoflowering Northern Lights. My grow closet so far: The light is just a 50-watt led panel; I've ordered a 300 watt LED panel, and have dug up a couple of 2ft fluorescents that I will toss grow bulbs into an...
  3. odinsmaster

    Converting a 6.5x 5.5 closet for my second grow

    This is going to lead to my second grow, my first was in a 5x5 grow tent. Had to run the tent in my spare bedroom, I had to give up the spare bedroom so now i am converting a closet. The closet is 6.5ft by 5.5ft with a 8ft ceiling. I will be buying a 6 in insulted fan, need it to be quit. I...
  4. Pepe Magics

    400W HPS - 2 Site DWC - Coming Up - PurePowerPlant

    Starting my third grow soon. Ill be using 250w CFL for vegetative stage and 400watt hps for flowering in closet room setup with good space for 2 big plants in 60 liters reservoir around 45-50 in use. I made my own custom feeding schedule that uses lower amount of nutrients than recommended...
  5. R

    Rusko's First Grow - Suggestions Welcome

    Hello - this is my first post I would love for some experienced growers to come along for the journey as my plants mature! Thanks in advanced for all the help.. my current set-up: one 24w sunblaze t5 HO 6500k 2000 lumen 2' strip for side light. one 300w (136 true) LED marhydro grow light 18''...
  6. M

    First Grow - Help - CFL Advice Needed!

    I just picked up 6 150w 6500Kelvin 2800Lumens CFL Daylight Soft white bulbs I also picked up 6 separate reflectors, and a power strip with a built in timer I will have a estimated space of 5foot Tall, 4Foot wide/deep. I would like a little input from experienced CFL growers as what to...
  7. Organic Weed

    Supersoil Variant - 3 Strains - 18 Liter - Soil - 250/400 HPS - 2014

    Hello Folks I'm posting this thread only half a way my budding cycle but I will write a few posts with pictures to track the developments since the beginning What strain is it? 1 Northern Light (100% indica) White label, 1 White Widow (60% sativa, 40% indica) Sensiseeds, 1 Kosher Kush (90%...
  8. H

    Walk in Closet Grow Build - Looking for Input

    Hey everyone! I am in the early stages of designing my walk in closet grow, and would love any input anyone has to offer regarding the buildout, design, equipment ect. I am fortunate enough to have two walk in closets in my bed room, and am willing to sacrifice both for this project. I...
  9. J

    Advice Royal Creamatic Closet Grow

    Hi all! We are attempting to grow our first plant, its the Royal Creamatic strain and we have a few seeds but wanted to start with one at a time. Our space is very limited and we were trying to figure out the best space/cost efficient way to grow one. We did a lot of research and still couldn't...
  10. S

    Stufbob's First Indoor Grow - Blue Mystic - 125W CFL

    What up! Started my 1st grow a week ago and will be posting from here on out daily. Any help will be much appreciated. Closet grow Room dimensions Approx....2ft x 2.5 x 6 lighting: 1x125w 6500k cfl 1x125w 2700k cfl 2x20w 2700k cfl ventilation: Exhaust......2x120mm pc fans(diy carbon...
  11. C

    Closet Grow

    So, I am setting up a small grow in a closet that measures 7 ft deep x 4 ft wide x 7 ft tall. I am using a. DWC system that I built a few years back. I have a height-adjustable 1000 w HPS light that will hang from the ceiling. I am wondering if this light is going to be too much for such a...
  12. H

    Big Bang Closet Soil Grow Journal - 2012

    What strain is it? Big Bang (fem) Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Mostly Indica, Skunk x Northern Light x El Niño. If in Flower stage... For how long? 8-9 weeks. Indoor or outdoor? Indoor. Soil or Hydro? Soil. If soil... what is in your mix? 4.3-5.4 pH quality soil. If soil...
  13. J

    First Timer - Need Help - Video

    How to Grow Mary J: Vegetation Stage - YouTube First Time Grower Indica Og Kush 14 plants flowering - 5 days closet grow 2'x6'x5 soil - miracle grow potting mix (too late) 8" pots 2 - 400W HPS two fans, but not really air cooled, leaving closet cracked since i added two hps lights its at...
  14. K

    Kushwestcoast's - Closet Grow OG Kush#18 - Purple Kush

    Hello everyone!, My name is Kushwestcoast and i am a first time grower, growing in my closet for personal use!. I recently received a nice gift from a departing friend, a nice 8 inch Purple kush plant in very nice condition(No bugs, 1 or 2 yellow leaves witch i trimmed off right away). I also...
  15. chewwy

    Freezer build off?

    I have come across a side by side stainless freezer(not working) IDEA: turn non-working stainless steel freezer it into a flowering box, build a veg box to put on floor next to flower box (on left) and keep this whole thing in unheated attached garage, in winter and summer, Easy right (lol)...
  16. S

    I need help to start a grow room in my closet

    Yes i am trying to start a grow room in my closet but i need help my closet is about 91'' in height 18'' deep and 34'' wide. i just want to know what i need to make a good working grow room. Any advise would be helpfull:439:
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