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  1. Lonerandstonerforever

    Help with seedlings

    Hello all so I had a failed grow a few weeks back went to buy soil some on here suggested but was couldn't find it so went with my originals oil that ibe always had success with I have 6 seedlings the bigger ones are about 10 days old and the smaller was 5-6 days old do they look ok? I will be...
  2. Lonerandstonerforever

    1200w LED Closet Grow Day 34

    Hello all this is my fourth grow I am about 34 days in now and am using soil vigoro I've used it in the past never failed me 1200w led and I'm doing 4 plants from hopefully feminized bag seed I've grown it before and it was amazing here are the hopefully ladies weirdly two of them naturally...
  3. Jae416ixside

    2nd Indoor Grow: Mars Hydro TS

    Starting my second grow in about a week or two just getting everything together, researching a little bit more since its been a couple years since my first grow. Will be using the MARS HYRDO TS SERIES LED Lights and growing two different strains. Ill be using FoxFarm Ocean Forest Organic Potting...
  4. My closet grow

    My closet grow

  5. Gibgezr

    Gibgezr's First Grow - Northern Lights Feminized Auto - 2017

    Hi folks! I'm off on a journey: my first grow. I'll be using Crop King feminized autoflowering Northern Lights. My grow closet so far: The light is just a 50-watt led panel; I've ordered a 300 watt LED panel, and have dug up a couple of 2ft fluorescents that I will toss grow bulbs into an...
  6. odinsmaster

    Converting a 6.5x 5.5 closet for my second grow

    This is going to lead to my second grow, my first was in a 5x5 grow tent. Had to run the tent in my spare bedroom, I had to give up the spare bedroom so now i am converting a closet. The closet is 6.5ft by 5.5ft with a 8ft ceiling. I will be buying a 6 in insulted fan, need it to be quit. I...
  7. Pepe Magics

    Abandoned 400W HPS - 2 Site DWC - Coming Up - PurePowerPlant

    Starting my third grow soon. Ill be using 250w CFL for vegetative stage and 400watt hps for flowering in closet room setup with good space for 2 big plants in 60 liters reservoir around 45-50 in use. I made my own custom feeding schedule that uses lower amount of nutrients than recommended...
  8. R

    Abandoned Rusko's First Grow - Suggestions Welcome

    Hello - this is my first post I would love for some experienced growers to come along for the journey as my plants mature! Thanks in advanced for all the help.. my current set-up: one 24w sunblaze t5 HO 6500k 2000 lumen 2' strip for side light. one 300w (136 true) LED marhydro grow light 18''...
  9. M

    First Grow - Help - CFL Advice Needed!

    I just picked up 6 150w 6500Kelvin 2800Lumens CFL Daylight Soft white bulbs I also picked up 6 separate reflectors, and a power strip with a built in timer I will have a estimated space of 5foot Tall, 4Foot wide/deep. I would like a little input from experienced CFL growers as what to...
  10. Organic Weed

    Completed Supersoil Variant - 3 Strains - 18 Liter - Soil - 250/400 HPS - 2014

    Hello Folks I'm posting this thread only half a way my budding cycle but I will write a few posts with pictures to track the developments since the beginning What strain is it? 1 Northern Light (100% indica) White label, 1 White Widow (60% sativa, 40% indica) Sensiseeds, 1 Kosher Kush (90%...
  11. H

    Walk in Closet Grow Build - Looking for Input

    Hey everyone! I am in the early stages of designing my walk in closet grow, and would love any input anyone has to offer regarding the buildout, design, equipment ect. I am fortunate enough to have two walk in closets in my bed room, and am willing to sacrifice both for this project. I...
  12. J

    Advice Royal Creamatic Closet Grow

    Hi all! We are attempting to grow our first plant, its the Royal Creamatic strain and we have a few seeds but wanted to start with one at a time. Our space is very limited and we were trying to figure out the best space/cost efficient way to grow one. We did a lot of research and still couldn't...
  13. S

    Abandoned Stufbob's First Indoor Grow - Blue Mystic - 125W CFL

    What up! Started my 1st grow a week ago and will be posting from here on out daily. Any help will be much appreciated. Closet grow Room dimensions Approx....2ft x 2.5 x 6 lighting: 1x125w 6500k cfl 1x125w 2700k cfl 2x20w 2700k cfl ventilation: Exhaust......2x120mm pc fans(diy carbon...
  14. C

    Closet Grow

    So, I am setting up a small grow in a closet that measures 7 ft deep x 4 ft wide x 7 ft tall. I am using a. DWC system that I built a few years back. I have a height-adjustable 1000 w HPS light that will hang from the ceiling. I am wondering if this light is going to be too much for such a...
  15. H

    Abandoned Big Bang Closet Soil Grow Journal - 2012

    What strain is it? Big Bang (fem) Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Mostly Indica, Skunk x Northern Light x El Niño. If in Flower stage... For how long? 8-9 weeks. Indoor or outdoor? Indoor. Soil or Hydro? Soil. If soil... what is in your mix? 4.3-5.4 pH quality soil. If soil...
  16. J

    First Timer - Need Help - Video

    How to Grow Mary J: Vegetation Stage - YouTube First Time Grower Indica Og Kush 14 plants flowering - 5 days closet grow 2'x6'x5 soil - miracle grow potting mix (too late) 8" pots 2 - 400W HPS two fans, but not really air cooled, leaving closet cracked since i added two hps lights its at...
  17. K

    Completed Kushwestcoast's - Closet Grow OG Kush#18 - Purple Kush

    Hello everyone!, My name is Kushwestcoast and i am a first time grower, growing in my closet for personal use!. I recently received a nice gift from a departing friend, a nice 8 inch Purple kush plant in very nice condition(No bugs, 1 or 2 yellow leaves witch i trimmed off right away). I also...
  18. chewwy

    Freezer build off?

    I have come across a side by side stainless freezer(not working) IDEA: turn non-working stainless steel freezer it into a flowering box, build a veg box to put on floor next to flower box (on left) and keep this whole thing in unheated attached garage, in winter and summer, Easy right (lol)...
  19. S

    I need help to start a grow room in my closet

    Yes i am trying to start a grow room in my closet but i need help my closet is about 91'' in height 18'' deep and 34'' wide. i just want to know what i need to make a good working grow room. Any advise would be helpfull:grinjoint:
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