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  1. 20190115_165505.jpg


    Top view of the auto thunder bloody mary day 29
  2. 20190112_160500.jpg


    Bottom view of auto thunder bloody mary Day 26
  3. 20190112_160518.jpg


    The LST on my thunder bloody mary Day 26 since sprouting Day 3 since starting LST
  4. 20190112_160524.jpg


    Auto thunder bloody mary Day 26
  5. 20190110_224626.jpg


    Top view of early miss January 11 2019 Day 25 in Puggs closet
  6. 20190110_224754.jpg


    Family photo January 11 2019 Day 25 in Puggs Closet
  7. PuggsCloset

    First time grower from Ontario, Canada

    Hey everybody I am very excited to join the crew here and be posting all my content for everyone to see.. I am a first time grower with a small closet using only organics.. My first grow has an auto thunder bloody mary , an early miss I received as a clone that had to reveg and a Critical +...
  8. 20190108_152736.jpg


    Auto thunder bloody mary next to Critical + 2.0 Almost the same height in a smaller pot January 8 2019 Day 21 since sprouting and transplanting
  9. 20190105_184428.jpg


    Full shot of my closet Early miss, auto thunder bloody mary, Critical + 2.0. January 5 2019 Day 18 in puggs closet
  10. IMG_20190107_182354.jpg


    Critical + 2.0 Top view mid trim January 7 2019 Day 20 in puggs closet
  11. 20181229_164558.jpg


    Critical + 2.0 Close up top veiw December 29 2018 Day 11 in Puggs closet
  12. 20181228_151400.jpg


    Critical + 2.0 4 days after topping December 28 2018 Day 10 in Puggs closet
  13. 20181224_185846.jpg


    Critical + 2.0 shot of where I topped December 24 2018 Day 6 in Puggs closet
  14. 20181224_185829.jpg


    Critical + 2.0 December 24 2018 Day 6 in Puggs closet
  15. JinxMeTwice

    Jeremy The Jinx's Canadian Closet Grow: 300W LED Soil

    Hello, everyone! Started some seeds going a little more then a month back in build up to Canadian legalization. Now that I've finally got some nice progress to show and have got the rest of my grow closet just about set-up to something that will hopefully keep me and my plants happy for the...
  16. Lisaalexstark


    Hello all! Joint this forum in hopes I can post up some pictures of my grow closet and get corrective feedback! Im a medical patient out of CT, smoking for 15 years, growing for 1, everything's a new journey though, right?! I have been having quite a bit of issues lately with deficiencies and...
  17. Pinktiger777

    Considering converting closet under stairs to grow room and abandoning my tent

    Right now I grow in a 2X 2.5 tent (Gorilla Lite Line) under the stairs. The tent is small (!) and I can really only grow one plant in there at a time. Of course, I'm not a commercial grower - I only grow for me. But I worry about a plant not working out and running out of my medicine. What do...
  18. Bearbunny

    BearBunny's First Closet Grow - AF WhiteWidow - March 2018

    Well I jammed a lot of info in that posts name, but yep that about sums it up. Im starting my first indoor closet grow under a 450w Meizhi LED hood in a 2x4x7 closet. will post pics every few days, looking for advice as I plow thru my first Autoflowers ever. my plans are ... - 3gal pots...
  19. loudm4n123

    First Indoor Soil Grow - MA-2 Dakini Kush Feminized - 2 Purp Bagseed

    how you doin I figured since its my first grow i would make a grow journal so you guys can watch, and help me out as I grow my first plants. I'm gonna be posting weekly updates so you can watch week by week from sprout to harvest. I think I have a pretty good set up. if you need any specifics...
  20. D

    New Vancouver Organic Grow

    Hello everyone. Thanks to all the OG's here, you have helped many people. I'm starting my first grow and I would like to log it and show my progress here. I'm a fungus guy, I'm used to growing mushrooms but this is my first time growing Cannabis. If you see anything I could be doing better...