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  1. JinxMeTwice

    Jeremy The Jinx's Canadian Closet Grow: 300W LED Soil

    Hello, everyone! Started some seeds going a little more then a month back in build up to Canadian legalization. Now that I've finally got some nice progress to show and have got the rest of my grow closet just about set-up to something that will hopefully keep me and my plants happy for the...
  2. Lisaalexstark


    Hello all! Joint this forum in hopes I can post up some pictures of my grow closet and get corrective feedback! Im a medical patient out of CT, smoking for 15 years, growing for 1, everything's a new journey though, right?! I have been having quite a bit of issues lately with deficiencies and...
  3. Pinktiger777

    Considering converting closet under stairs to grow room and abandoning my tent

    Right now I grow in a 2X 2.5 tent (Gorilla Lite Line) under the stairs. The tent is small (!) and I can really only grow one plant in there at a time. Of course, I'm not a commercial grower - I only grow for me. But I worry about a plant not working out and running out of my medicine. What do...
  4. Bearbunny

    BearBunny's First Closet Grow - AF WhiteWidow - March 2018

    Well I jammed a lot of info in that posts name, but yep that about sums it up. Im starting my first indoor closet grow under a 450w Meizhi LED hood in a 2x4x7 closet. will post pics every few days, looking for advice as I plow thru my first Autoflowers ever. my plans are ... - 3gal pots...
  5. loudm4n123

    First Indoor Soil Grow - MA-2 Dakini Kush Feminized - 2 Purp Bagseed

    how you doin I figured since its my first grow i would make a grow journal so you guys can watch, and help me out as I grow my first plants. I'm gonna be posting weekly updates so you can watch week by week from sprout to harvest. I think I have a pretty good set up. if you need any specifics...
  6. D

    New Vancouver Organic Grow

    Hello everyone. Thanks to all the OG's here, you have helped many people. I'm starting my first grow and I would like to log it and show my progress here. I'm a fungus guy, I'm used to growing mushrooms but this is my first time growing Cannabis. If you see anything I could be doing better...
  7. P

    PierceStoned's LED Soil Chocolate Cookies Perpetual Grow

    Howdy Y'all!!! It is really good to finally be able to start journaling my small time perpetual grow. I have already learned so much, and I look forward to having a few more people on board as I continue with my quest to grow my own medicine. Lets get to it! Strain: Germinated three feminised...
  8. P

    Tips for a new grower? A month into my first grow

    This is my first post on here so if it’s not in the right spot just let me know, any tips would be appreciated if someone could point me in the direction of a simple closet cfl grow guide that would be great also. Photos to follow
  9. P

    Simple Ventilated Door Modification For Closet Grow

    Howdy y'all, Are you having temperature problems in your walking closet? I sure was! Proper ventilation is absolutely crucial to the health and vitality of the plant that you are trying so hard to cultivate. Unfortunately, I have been reading that a non-insignificant number of growers are okay...
  10. flytier

    Flytier's CKS Dwarf Low Flyer - Fall Of 2017 Indoor Grow

    September 01, 2017 Day 1 OK, so I'm waiting for my outdoor plants to ripen and I now have nothing growing inside.I figured that if I don't get on the go with something soon I'd be regretting it, and I've been having a difficult time growing indoors to date so I decided to try something that was...
  11. flytier

    Flytier's White Widow Novice Grow

    Ok, so this is my first grow journal, and very close to my first grow. I've had a couple failed attempts the predecessors to this batch of four is going somewhat smoothly. I have two WWs that I switched over to 12/12 just over a week ago, but that's another story... I'm kind of hoping that in...
  12. flytier

    FIMed and Branching

    Here's my White Widow seedling a few days after getting a haircut. I did a FIM on her earlier the week and she caught her breath and started to get some superb branching. I may even transplant her later today and hopefully by next week or the week after I'll be able to start some LST. This one...
  13. Hypopotodog

    First grow 2x 8 Ball Kush - Need advice and tips please!

    Hello people just signed up today and super excited to mix with you all and learn some more! Basically I'm posting because I'd like reviews of my current set up so that I can improve it as much as possible. I will post some piccies at the bottom of this post for you all to see :) It's a...
  14. R

    Realiko's Auto Closet Grow 110W Dulux

    Hi Guys here's my grow journal; Plant Brand:1 x Buddha's assorted auto Light's: 2 x 55w Dulux 4000 kelvin,10.000 Lumen Fertilizer's: Biobizz Bio-grow,Bio-bloom Soil mix: %25 Perlite,%15 vermicompost,%60 Peat soil Bucket Size: 11 Lt Seed planting day: 01.04.17 Here's some pics, stay stoned !
  15. G

    First Time Grow

    Hey y'all! I have been lurking around on here for quite some time now, and have finally decided to go ahead and attempt to grow me a plant! Super excited for the journey! I plan on growing one auto flowering Durbon Poison in a 5 gallon Smart Pot. I will use a combination of Fox Farm Ocean...
  16. Magnus8

    Magnus8's - Coco Coir - Big Bud & Pineapple Express - First Grow Ever! - Grow Journal

    H'lo all! Well, I'm ringing in the New Year with a celebratory grow (actually, I've been planning it for a long time). I'm growing two Big Bud seeds and two Pineapple Express seeds. This is my first grow ever. I have never grown cannabis before. Hell, I've never even grown tomatoes before...
  17. hct0194

    Controlling Smell In Closet With Carbon Air Scrubber & No Ventilation/Ducting

    Hey guys. I am new member to this forum and pretty new at growing INDOORS. So right now at the moment I am doing a grow in my closet, I have no way of running any ducting and am currently using a 400watt HPS bat wing with no ventilation duct, even if there was its not an option. My question is...
  18. A

    First time closet grower watering help

    i have small closet cfl set up with 5 plants in 5 inch pots (may be half gallon) . ive read to water everytime the soil is dry 1" or 2 " deep and i been doing so every 3 days when they feel kinda dry in fear of over watering . the other day by the 3rd day my plants were wilting for the first...
  19. T

    First time grower - Plants sick?

    Hi im going to be starting a grow journal here. this us my first time growing ever. As oregon is now legal for all residents to grow 4 plants. So im in ! so it first started after mt seedlings spear leafs. The first set of leaves after cotyledons. They started turning yellow at a fast rate...
  20. M

    Bag Seed Closet Grow

    Hello folks, This is a Random Bag Seed..nothin fancy. Using CFLs at the moment. This baby seems to be taking off. Havent tried to get fancy with anything except the grow box I constructed. Out of 5 random bag seeds this was the only one that germinated and took off, and shes startin to look...