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  1. warezaholic

    Warezaholic's Skid Row Closet Grow

    Hello from S.E. Michigan. I'm new to the electronic journal keeping and am in the middle of my first successful plant grow. I have one autoflowering sativa in the oven now 6 weeks. It's doing pretty well in spite of all my mistakes (such as topping an auto!WOW!). It's in full veg right now...
  2. 20190123_005219.jpg


    Auto Lemon Haze in Coco/Soil/Perlite (60/30/10) Day 11 from germination.
  3. 15256389688391859400160.jpg


    Two White Widow closet grow
  4. L

    Abandoned L Boogie's First Grow - Unknown Strain

    Bucket Size - 5 gallon Medium - 100% Pro Mix BX Lights - (2) Mars reflector-96 LED Nutrients - Alaska Fish Fertilizer (5-1-1), MaxiBloom, Ecozen Strain(s) - ? # of Plants: 4 Yield : ? Ounces. Started in one tent (48" x24" x60") but the 5 Gallon buckets took up too much space. Apon...
  5. Tomula

    Completed Tomula's 1st Ever Indoor Closet Stealth - Soil - WW/AK47 - Hybrid Grow - 2014/15

    Hello everyone, I've decided to share my progress of my 1st grow ever with you. English is my 2nd language so please be patient with me. I may attempt some supercropping and topping but I will be glad for any suggestions from experienced growers. I've started 12 days ago with 1 seed, an old...
  6. SweetSue

    Completed Sweetsue's First Grow - Stealthy Trio of Autos Under CFLs

    This will be my first real grow. Prior to this I had performed two rescue grows, adopting plants that were struggling in someone else's grow space. The first was a Medical No Name and the second a Northern Lights Big Bud. The Medical No Name showed us the power of home grown meds. The second...
  7. C

    Abandoned Grape Fruit Kush First Grow LST

    Had a few seeds from a hermaphrodite plant, germinated four seeds and two came through..but one died and one sprouted. I did not expect them to do anything really because I've never tried growing weed before anyway i set it in a big picture window with a stupid dollar store mini green house...
  8. N

    Trinity side by side Super Closet....I need help

    last monday i planted 15seeds in 1" rockwool cubes... i messed up by putting them in nutrient water 1st instead of just regular water. Two of the 15 seeds have already started to grow above ground and are about 4-5 inches tall with their 1st set of leaves...if any of you are familiar with the...
  9. J

    Completed Just got my Deep Water Culture Plan on Using a HTG 150 Watts HPS - Need Help

    finally got the pictures up .. here is my grow room set up .. any suggestion?..
  10. K

    3x5x6 Closet and 400 bucks can I pull it off and how?

    I have a 3 x 5 x 6 Closet and 400 bucks can I pull it off and if so how and how many can I fit? This is my first time and if I can't I need to know either way. T5's LED's soil hydro what the F*ck Please Help!:thankyou:
  11. damnyourhot

    Can i flower this yet?

    dammit all the hell i wrote this and acc closed the browser window aghh i hate myself right now ok i have two plants one small one taller taller on has broader leaves lighter color shorter one darker color longer skinny leaves i think i may have a sea of green plant seed witht he shorter...
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