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  1. J

    1st time grower - Growth & space?

    Hi .... Im 3weeks from seed using cfl for veg and hps for flower. Im growing in my bedroom closet and idk the exact dimensions but id say its about 8 ft long,2 1/2 ft wide and 12 ft tall. I have 10 gals but a few arent gonna make the cut, anyway my question is how many fully grown plants do you...
  2. steppedinds

    Step's Closet & 5x5

    I just got my 5x5 1000w Hortilux HPS tent setup and running to add to my closet. I'm now at the end of day 2. The closet is 2x6 with a Mars II 1200 and two Mars 300. Both grow spaces are Ebb & Flow design. 6" rockwool cubes are planted into 50L of hydroton in 21gal mixing mortar trays...
  3. O

    1st time closet grower - What's up

    What's up 420. I am a first time closet grower. The closet is home built for a home grow. This process has been awesome and this site is very valuable for us FNG's (f@#king new guys). I started with 3 girls White Widow, Blueberry and Morning Glory. I lost the with widow after a failed...
  4. 420Greenery

    Clandestine, Soil, Indoor, Boca Catalina, 2017

    Hello, Clandestine here... First grow. Seed is germinating as of yesterday. Gear: 2x2.5x5'7 gorilla tent, Advanced Platinum P300 Led, Simple timer Strain: Boca Catalina - Indica
  5. C

    N Deficiency or something else - Or nothing?

    On 2/14 i obtained a FrankenBerry clone from my local med shop, the claw was present at this time but the only one leaf had yellow, the yellowing and claw is becomming more prevalent on other leaves. Ive watered it twice, the first time i barely watered it, soil was bone dry next morning so i...
  6. G

    PAR38 LED grow lights used in closet application

    I am new here, but not new to lighting or LEDs. You have many wonderful people here with good and useful wisdom about lighting. > My story is one of discovery in a path not taken by others in lighting. As a medical-use household I needed to remove myself from the street vendors and secure a...
  7. 123D

    123D Hello

    Hello everyone, First off, thank you all so much for the valuable knowledge I've read here over the years. :Love: After using your best practices to build three different grow closets over six years, I'm about ready to share some lessons learned back with you. I'm particularly interested in...
  8. DeanB

    DeanB's Winter Grow In Progress

    Hi and welcome to my boring journal. I don't have any fancy equipment or special soil or exotic nutes. My grow box is a closet with movable shelves. I have one small 2 speed fan up high in the back corner pushing air out the closet. The lights are 23w cfls and are mounted from corner to corner...
  9. C

    Wonder Woman Grow Journal 2016

    Hi everyone, it's been awhile since I've posted my last journals.. I'm back trying another go with Wonder Woman. After flirting with a few other strains I've come to realize she is my favorite.. First, the setup.. This grow is in a ventilated 192 cubic foot closet. The strain is...
  10. steppedinds

    Step's Perpetual

    for a whopping 1467 watts, here we grow again. Lights: - 1 mars hydro ii 1200 - 585w - 2 mars hydro 300 - 140w each - 6 6500k t5 54w - 324w - 6 par6 led 31w - 186w - 4 23w 3000k cfl - 92w Top closet: will be used for flowering - 2 3'x2.5'x5' ebb/flow trays 21g each...
  11. 4

    407 Casey's Closet CFL Grow

    No idea if it'll be male or female, but it will be a fun learning experience. Started off under 4 CFL's that I could afford at the time, which totaled to be ~46 watts (ew). Due to the kind of shitty lighting, it stretched a little bit in the beginning, but that will definitely not be an issue...
  12. Ditchweed242

    A Closet A Light & A Bucket Of Dirt

    I guess the only way to get to know a community is to jump right in. So here goes. Been growing off and on for around 30 years. Mostly outdoor growing. I recently lost the luxury of growing outdoors so in the closet I went. The Closet: The "tent" is two Mylar emergency blankets...
  13. O

    Hello everyone

    i am a first time grower and i am going to grow lowrider with a natural daylight flourescent dulb also a grow bulb with ferts i am going to grow in my closet any suggestions wuold be welcome thanks
  14. Billygroat

    My Closet Experience

    So this gem went jn my soil November 3rd. She is doing okay, got some advice from this forum already. I love it here for help and great advice and wonderful people. She's been a little slow as of lately, I have been told to stop watering and lower lights which one did. She looks a little on...
  15. DankestBuds42

    Aurora Indica - CFL - Soil - Grow

    Hey everyone! A big :welcome: to my second grow journal! Some quick background info for ya: My main tent became a little crowded, I'm wanting to harvest sooner than later but one of my clones is way behind the others, I have a bunch of spare CFL's, as well I found a super cheap desk lamp at...
  16. A

    Day 9 - Little to no growth

    So here's the deal, i made the mistake of planting in Compost after germinating.. After the first set of true leaves grew, the second seemed to struggle. One day I woke up to see the first set reaching for the sky in a V shape, slight discolouration followed .. it\'s been 4-5 days and it\'s...
  17. Fuzznutter

    Fuzznutter's Organic Photos & Autos: Take 1

    Hello! This is my first ever grow journal! In the past I've done grows using soil with bottled nutes and Hempy buckets, but I've never done organic before. I feel like I just jumped into the deep end but forgot to learn to swim first. LOL. I'm really hoping everything goes smooth, but if not...
  18. B

    Update for small closet CFL/fluorescent grow

    Here is a quick update for those of you who found some interest in my small closet cfl/fluorescent grow. I have recently moved the girls to a tent to begin flowering. Here is a picture from this evening Sept. 2. They are doing well. Haven't had many issues so far. I will post more...
  19. P

    Under construction - It's worth a look

    Hey y'all. Here's my new grow setup. I've grown one time before with CFLs but never in a closet. As of now it's mostly done. I still have to cut my 4" exhaust hole above the plywood 2nd door. Then finish the electrical. The carpet has been protected and I have a basic wooden catch tray. The...
  20. S

    Any advice on what way I should go would be appreciated

    Hello all I am a new grower new to this lifestyle but it is a necessary evil for me at the moment my problem is I am having to grow discreet due to the children in my house and I have three options that I have come up with and I want to get some advice from the people that are on :420: I have...
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