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    Another day 40 sshot of my auto thunder bloody
  2. Mikesem420

    Closet Grow, DWC

    This is the second part of my first grow was originally gona be just a veg closet but I decide to build a dwc and try out the hlg 100 quantum board. I cut 2 clones from the white shark plants one from plant A and one from plant B they weren't doing so good until I got the clonex solution. I had...
  3. I

    Indie Grower's First Ever Grow In Closet: White Widow Auto In Regular Garden Soil, 50W LED Bulb, Advice Always Appreciated

    Hello and Namaste for stopping by. I have been doing a lot of research on this site and have prepared a poor closet set-up with a 50W LED Bulb and some high quality garden soil. My White Widow seeds have germinated, planted in a plastic pot and now our girl "Bliss" is 5 days old so I decided...
  4. Blondhottie

    Third Grow! Purple Moby Dick

    Gonna try these out since growing in Canada is legal. Im going to keep the progress. I will be growing them in my closet in my apartment. I have white and black drop for it, again T5s which i have been extremely successful for me, i have my peat pucks and everything i need! I am super excited...
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