1.     Please check out our site !!! Please check out our site !!!

    I am starting a new clothing brand called . Check out our site. We have some new designs especially for the upcoming 420 celebration. Please check out the site and let me know what you think of the designs and anything I can do to improve. Thank you very much !! Jim
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    Manitoba: Hemp Leads Hotel Manager To New Career

    Fifteen years ago, Mike Carriere was managing a hotel in rural Manitoba and living in what he calls a 'toxic environment.' He needed a career change, and with three young children, it was important to him to change his life and philosophy, reduce his carbon footprint, and do something he could...
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    SHG has just entered the building!

    Wassup peeps, I am from Boston and I love weed almost as much as I love my kids..jus kidding! I am a 27 y.o clothing designer and all of our pieces are made from my favorite plant, Hemp. With that said, Im glad to finally be part of this community and hope to meet some fellow tokers that can...
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