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  1. X

    Autoflowers - 1 onyx & 1 unknown

    Gift seed, only remember name like cannabiogen or canna-something, the other one is an onyx anyone got a clue what the other is ?
  2. S

    PH problems in peat!

    Hi,i started growing in peat,it was adjusted to 5,5-6,5,anyway after few months im having problems,run off is always like 6.2 no matter what i water,i water 7,5.8,5.and 9,I have no clue how to make soil more alkaline so could stop doing this nonsense which doesnt help at all.
  3. J

    Worms okay in compost soil?

    Just hooked some compost from a friend to try with my girls, noticed worms crawling around in there, are worms ok in my pots? No clue here never used stuff like this I've only bought soil. Thanks in advance I'm leaving them for now hope to hear from someone.
  4. I

    Plz help confirm my symptoms idk what's going on

    Fresh to not so good In 2 days how this happened i have no clue but any ideas from pic of what culd be the problem
  5. OlderGrower

    Moving subscriptions to new folders - need help

    Howdy all, I was not sure where to ask this question and I am sure somewhere there is a tutorial on how to do it but I am a techno-dinosuar. I figured out how to create new folders and name them but I have no clue as how to get something out of the subscription folder and into the new folder...