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  1. Bluesunshine

    Mixing CMH with LED advise please

    I have an 8 X 4 and two CMH 315s I don't think this may be quite enough for the space and was thinking of adding in one of the HLG 260W quantum boards between the two 315s I plan on using the philips 3100 lamps. I am not shure what the advise would be on which LED board to add 3000? 4000...
  2. Lowrider72

    315Watt CMH Lighting: Specs, Coverage, Pics

    Hey guys, Just doing Thread on 315w CMH lighting, for those interested in it, or finding out about it. Firstly.... CMH- CERAMIC METAL HALIDE , or LEC- LIGHT EMITTING CERAMIC. It looks an old school MH or HPS digital ballast and bulb set up..... But its a WHOLE different ball park! I use a...
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