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  1. NoVentInMyHouse

    Help with lights

    Hi, i have tried to grow before, but since the shop didnt tell me that you can definitly not run a 600w hps in a 80cmx80cmx160cm (2,5x2,5) tent, well i burnt all my plants and with nowhere to take then, gone they were. So now, attempt number 2, i decided to ask the pro's for some help. So using...
  2. bluter

    Bluter's Happy Home For Hilarious Hempsters

    how many lost internet folk you think are gonna click on this looking for hipsters or hamsters ? this will be the second 420 journal. hoping to make it the ongoing home. will be growing hempy style. straight perlite media in either 2L or 5L buckets. passive hydro style similar to coco...
  3. 12 cob light rig.JPG

    12 cob light rig.JPG

    600 watt 12 cob citizen clu048 1212
  4. 425jesse

    Perpetual Automation & Some Human Error: A Garden Of Jack, Barack & Some Duct Tape

    Well, the clones are rooting, the moms are fat, and we are ready to kick of another grow from the Pacific Northwest! My setup hasn’t changed too much...that being said here is what I have, and what’s changed. I run a hydroponic system with 8 growing locations. Each bucket gets fed from the 20...
  5. MaxBloom

    MaxBloom LED Grow Light: Coupon Code egrowm0 Get 3% Discount!

    Hello everyone, MaxBloom LED writing to you guys again, are you still looking for some suitable led grow lights for your plants ? Please check it here Promotion Sale – eGrowLight , full spectrum led grow lights for indoor plants, especailly for cannabis. We are offer a 3% discount, don't miss...
  6. thanyawit

    How to find dimmer for led?

    i am going to DIY 2 of Cxm32 by driver Meanwell ELG240-C2100B my question is how to select dimmer for my COB ? Thank you
  7. Vero 18 "fixture"

    Vero 18 "fixture"

    2x Vero18s slapped on a chunk of aluminum from a threshold, powered by Mars300 driver
  8. MaxBloom

    led grow light for sale

    Hello Everyone, are you looking for some suitable led grow lights ? We are doing a promotion for our products, please check the details here Promotion Sale – eGrowLight , also if you use this coupon code egrowm0 , you will get some discount, come and buy ! :kiss::kiss::kiss:
  9. Mikesem420

    First Grow! 1500W COB LED All Tips And Advice Wanted

    hey guys I recently started my first grow I'm using a 4x4 tent with a full spectrum 600w cob led with blue,red,ir spectrum also a 1500w cob led the pinkish-white full spectrum. I'm running a humidifier at about 65% humidity an temp is 78-82 degrees I dont have a temp and humidity controller yet...
  10. DankSwagasaurus

    Dankswag's Indiana Bubblegum x C99 Soil Growage

    Here it is folks! The beginning of it all. Two of my favorite strains clashing in one grow which happens to be my first, on 420 magazine. Im so happy to be apart of this community and just from being a member a couple days ive already learned so much! Thank ya'll! Back to the grow ha. The...
  11. J

    Advice on LED light upgrade

    Hi, This is my first grow and initially looking on light wattage found this led lamp which sounded OK for my grow area (it seemed to be a sort of viparspectra clone) My thinking was: I have a 80x80X160cm - more or less 0.64 square meters / 7 square foot. calculating between 50-70w per sq feet...
  12. TimberGrowLights

    Timber Grow Lights: New Discount Code 420Mag!

    Hello 420 Magazine Members! We are very excited to be back as sponsors at 420 Magazine and are looking forward to interacting with you! Considering lights for your garden? Use our discount code '420MAG' to save $25 off each light, no limit! All of our lights are made with top...
  13. C

    3 Strains, 6 Plants - COBS & Coco In 5 Gal Hempy Buckets - Let's Watch This Disaster!

    Hey everyone! So I've been lurking around this forum for a while now, soaking in the endless knowledge that everyone shares here - well at least as much as my feeble brain will allow. After seeing all the dense nug pictures from everyone else's grows, I've decided to lean backwards, spread my...
  14. Gauge Steel

    Gauge Steel's House Warming Party - Cookies & Kush With Hydro Downstairs - Welcome

    Welcome Everyone. New Journal with cool new stuff to see and do. Mostly laugh at my ignorance. Nah we have fun. Gaugetown is full of some great people and phenomenal growers from around the world. I would like to think this collection of visitors has at least 25% of what anybody needs to...
  15. Icemud

    Icemud LED Grow Featuring The All New Budmaster COB Technology - White Full Spectrum

    Hello and welcome all you Cannabis growers, smokers, tokers, enthusiasts, fans, followers and even gardeners :) If you are not familiar with me, I am Icemud and have been a member here at 420 Magazine since May of 2011, when I started my very first grow. I knew absolutely nothing at the time...
  16. T

    Details & Questions About the Spider COB LED Grow Light - Twilight LED

    Hello Guys After showing the 432w Spider COB LED Grow Light about half month, we got feedback from many nice people, Twilight thank your support and attention very much. :thanks: To show this lamp side by side, we put the all questions we got and its answer here. And if you have more...
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