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  1. honkonitpopo

    LED 100W Bagseed Grow!

    Hey everyone, long time grower, first time journal. I am using 100w of cob led, and have a total of 10 plants so far. My grow container is an ex-water softener barrel that has been through one grow already, but this is the first time with just led's. I have one 50w cob led in a cool spectrum...
  2. SunnySunny

    8 Site RDWC: Gelato OG, & Coco Multistrain: Gods Gift, Critical Jack Auto 2, Cheese XXL

    Hey everybody who’s joining the journey, glad that we are on the same page perhaps in this case. Because I have some news and tips and tricks while assembling and building the new garden. I’ll get to my first grow in details as well (Here was the first one lol - Fast Skunk & White Widow, Coco...
  3. CannaDad

    CannaDad's First Grow - Vero COB LED

    Hello fellow cannabis connoisseurs! My very first grow is currently underway. Mistakes have already been made, but for the most part things seem to be going pretty well. Feel free to chime in any time with advice to make this or my next grow better. Huge shout out to doc bud for putting together...
  4. T

    How much light do I need in a plant nursery?

    Hi Guys, I'm designing a little nursery box where I want to start my seeds and grow young plants for about 3 weeks. The box will be made in white styrofoam and will be 50x50x50cm in dimensions. I'm thinking about using white cob led stripes attached to the roof of the box. The question is how...
  5. T

    SunPlusUSA Holiday Savings!

    Grow with the SUN! Happy Holidays From SunPlusUSA! 12/3/2017 Shop Here to shop now Happy Growing T.
  6. Shaggn

    My Perpetual Journey

    Time to get this show going!! We're starting this journey off with some Greenpoint (Stardawg) crosses. Moon dance - Wookies / Stardawg Tomahawk - Gorilla Glue #4 / Stardawg My setup is currently two Mars hydro reflector 144/5 blurple units (they do work) in a 3x3 tent. Lighting will be...
  7. T

    Ttystikk has arrived - You were warned!

    I'm extending my network of fellow cannabis cultivation enthusiasts and this seems like a natural place to do it. Those who know me from other forums will already know that I'm a cultivation systems and equipment developer and entrepreneur, my goal is nothing less than revolutionizing the...
  8. JimmyIndy

    How Does A Grower Choose The Best LED For His/Her Grow Space

    Wattage isn't the best indicator of what a grower needs to cover an area with LEDs, But its the simpliest form to use. I use Par/Watts and PPFD to rate fixtures. LEDs have come along way over the last few years. 1watt/3watt/5watt and now the Single High Power Air Cooled COBs have arrived and Now...
  9. CO Finest

    New Custom Spider 432 Watt C.O.B LED Light - 4x4 Scrog

    Hello there my friends... This is a quick flower grow with my new 432watt Spider C.O.B LED light I have been working with Jason with Twilight Group for a month or so on this light. It is all set in stone and ready to rock. Thank you Jason for working with me and getting this light built for me...
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