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  1. Ron Strider

    DEA Lied About Honduras Incident, Not Guilty Verdict in SD MJ Case And More

    A joint report from the Justice and State inspector generals' finds that the DEA lied and covered up the facts in a 2012 Honduran raid that left four innocent civilians dead, Peruvian security forces prepare to enter forbidden territory in the country's coca heartland, the South Dakota attorney...
  2. T

    First grow and I have a sick plant - Help

    Hey guys I'll try add as much info as I can Grow room 4x4x2, 600 watt MH, temps 78of, humidity 44-48%, two fans one small desktop fan and a large fan, 5'' outtake fan Got the Euforia clones Friday, coca was damp got them home and didn't water. Noticed some yellow spots on the leaves and a few...
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