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  1. 505FARMER

    Gods Gift & Do-Lato, 2x4 Tent, Home Grow New Mexico

    Hey whats up guys just went to flower today. figured I'd share the set up and where im at with my home grow and hopefully provide some info or help or answer questions even. Plants: Germinated 6 gods gift regs (GDPxOG KUSH) have a clone of dolato (dosido x Gelato44) growing with the gods gift...
  2. S

    Giggles Autopot Coco Blue Treacle Grow Journal 2018

    Hi everyone this will be my first grow, I have spent the last 4 months learning as much as I can about growing and the time has come to put it all into practice, I must admit I am a little nerves and excited all at the same time, I have only been on the site one day and everyone has been...
  3. W

    Can't Solve This! Deficiency?

    Hello community! it's my first post and really need help:) First attemp to coco(failed already^^) and autopots. I started with 200ppm calmag then rised to 350 tought maybe magnesium is the issue. Later i saw on the mineralmagic bottle that it contains mag too. Also my first 1000w so light...
  4. Freedomfirez

    Coco in AutoPots

    Anyone use coco and clay pellets mixed in AutoPots? According to the AutoPot documentation that mix would be workable. Just wondering if anyone has tried it. (?) Let em' burn! -Freedomfirez
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