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  1. Lowrider72

    Lowrider72's Under 800W Growroom Presents: 2x 315W CMH, Multistrain, Coco Grow

    Hey Guys and Gals , Lowrider72 here, just putting up a grow journal, hope you enjoy! Been growing in Coco 10yrs, love it. Trying out new 315w CMH lights and running a complete grow system under 800w.... Here we growwwwww...... GROW DETAILS.... Bucket Size- 9L Medium - 70% Coco , 30% Perlite...
  2. HomeGrown007

    My 1st Coco Grow: Need some feed back from you expert Coco growers

    Ok I used to grow about 10 years ago and stopped, recently started up again for a hobby and to grow my wife some medicinal for her Multiple Sclerosis... I germinated my 1st seeds of some bag weed seeds to get my feet wet again on Dec 1st 2018. I ran those in a 60/40 Soil/Perlite but decided to...
  3. GodtyrLoki

    Is this the start of nutrient burn?

    Hey guys, i have just started growing in coco and am wondering if the lil brown specs on the tips of the leaves on my seedlings are the first signs of nutrient burn ... and if it is should I Flush with plain water or just use less nutrients in the next feeding?
  4. 20180604_113518.jpg


    Sativa hybrid day 1 of week 6 into the flowering period
  5. 20180517_105813.jpg


    Sativa 600 watt hps grow
  6. Cultivator Disciple

    I'm blessed to be a part of the community that will help me grow in every way

    Hi everyone, Today is a happy day as I have finally created my profile on 420 magazine. I'm new to growing and have been researching many different forums on the web and definitely came up with the conclusion that this is by far the most reliable and safe place to be (safe as in, you won't get...
  7. 4130AA62-0FA6-47AA-8052-9C95937DB9E4.jpeg


    Moe in jars after 4-5 days drying Buds were fluffy kinda lost moe but still should be decent smoke
  8. DE5BD816-B8D6-4DD2-B309-68EA98E98FC8.jpeg


    Moe not hanging cleaned up branches as almost crispy stems aren’t ready as wont snap easily so tells me not ready yet. Bit should still be a nice smokearry and curly coming down Friday this week .
  9. BFAFB4E5-9AD9-45EE-BA40-B5E4BAF0E535.jpeg


    Now shot headband 818
  10. B3341D9B-0CE3-4739-BE43-F368F759BE24.jpeg


    Headband moe drying buds aren’t dense nore fluffy so lessen learned lower lights need to upgrade by next winter. But still love how my trichromes are so beautiful intact check out some Shots of moe
  11. Southerncough

    Sensi Seeds Hindu Kush In Coco 2018

    Greetings fellow growers! Thought I'd start the new year with a new strain/journal. Due to the seeds being difficult to obtain I've decided to pop one and possibly clone her to SOG a harvest and go from there. Because she's not a tropical strain I wanted to run her during our "coolest" time of...
  12. ChronicPDX

    New grower with a few issues - Help?

    So though I've worked with a number of other growers before finally being able to do my own I could use some help on a few thing. I have three primary issues I have identified or know is present to some degree; Root aphids, spider mites, and powdery mildew. I'll start with the mites... Spider...
  13. ChronicPDX

    First Grow - Quicksand Kush

    Just set in 6 Quicksand Kush plants for my first grow. About a week from flipping them to 12/12. Current grow environment it a 9.5x5 grow tent under 2 1000 watt MH, which will continue through the first week of flower when they will be switched out for HPS. Temperature hasn't been an issue so...
  14. Hugh Splith

    1 Strain - 4 Pots - 500 Grams

    This will be my 3rd attempt at growing bud. I had 6 plants in my last grow (see my last thread) and finished with a measly 16 grams of smoke worthy bud, but it was a 3 and half month crash course on growing for me and I learned a lot. This time around I have more confidence, knowledge and time...
  15. D

    Expat In France And First Time Grower Saying Howdi!

    Hello everyone, Ive been lurking around the site for a few months and wanted to say hello! I've been reading non stop and soaking up loads of good info. Im just starting some Medicann Blue Bloods, Pineapple Express Auto and a free seed I got from Herbies, its a Northern Lights x Big...
  16. D

    Digital's First Grow - Blue Blood & Company - Coco - 2015

    Hi everyone, this is my First Cannabis Grow, Im an Expat living in France and Ive been growing hydro Veggies for a couple of years. Im using the Tips I got from @LEDRF's tutorial on how to grow in Coco ... Wish me luck, Im open to all ideas and feedback, I'm sure Ill need it :) heres the...
  17. silverrocksta

    Silver's First Coco Grow - Multiple Strains

    hey folks, took a year and a bit off and am finally ready to get going again :thumb: about the grow: Strains: 5xChocolate Kush, 3xHindu Kush, 1xStrawberry Blue, 1xCheese Indica/Stativa: Chocolate kush-indica Hindu kush-indica Strawberry blue-75% stativa 25% indica...
  18. D

    Too many budsites? light/space requirements?

    My first grow and I'm doing alright considering choosing coco when I've never used it. It's got a slight learning curve. I know now I should of went straight soil for my first grow. I'm not sure if I'm doing my girls justice meeting their nutrient needs. I started them out in a...
  19. D

    Do know what's causing this? I just lost 1 plant don't wanna lose more

    I'm in need of a little help. I'm pretty upset, since last night there was an accident. I'm inpatient and didn't want to wait for assistance and I managed to make my light fall right on a couple of my girls. When it happened I'm try to hold it up to keep it from doing anymore damage. I yell for...
  20. D

    1st Grow - Snoops Dream - Maui - Connie Chung - Jedi Kush - Dutch Treat

    So it's my first grow, besides a half assed attempt in my early teens. It was almost a spur of the moment type of deal deciding to grow. I had spoken offhandedly about getting started previously because the cost of meds can get quite high(no pun intended) with a tolerance like mine. Even though...
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