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  1. Dkmg01

    DK's Pub & Grow Part 2

    Pub & Grow part 2 Hello all! :woohoo: I'm from South Africa and will be Journaling my grow again. As always all and any advice or information is gladly welcomed with open arms. :cheer: First off! I'd like to tag and thanks those that have helped me : @Backlipslide @InTheShed @Preston9mm...
  2. SSHcurlingleaf.jpg


    What makes leaves bend like that?
  3. Pinktiger777

    Using coco coir, perlite and hydroton in ebb and flow

    I've been growing in hydroton exclusively now for a few years, but I'm looking for a lighter medium. Does anyone have experience growing with a mixture (50/50) of coco coir and perlite on top, and a 2-inch layer of hydroton at the bottom? I saw a rather old article online that suggests it...
  4. Training Soon

    Training Soon

    Mama TK in her bigger pot, in shock. Once she is settled I will top and train her
  5. Root bound Mama TK

    Root bound Mama TK

    moved to a 25 liter pot
  6. Skunky Mama = another view

    Skunky Mama = another view

    Durban Skunk
  7. Mama TK

    Mama TK

    I am potting her up today
  8. Culled


    two sickly seedlings pulled
  9. Durban Skunk

    Durban Skunk

    There are Durban Poison notes in this Skunk, so I am revegging her.
  10. Transkei 2 and Swaz (skunk)

    Transkei 2 and Swaz (skunk)

  11. Chronic Ryder reveg

    Chronic Ryder reveg

  12. Blueberry at one month

    Blueberry at one month

    bag seed coco
  13. SaltyThings

    Journal 1 - CDP & Afghan Kush

    Hello All, I'm a few weeks into my first grow and I've started a nice journal I'd like to share. I'm growing a CDP clone and an Afghan Kush seedling. I had some spare time at work today to create an awesome Excel spreadsheet, I'll post some screenshots.
  14. GroZone

    Grozone's Multitent Adventures - The Story Of A Perpetual Harvest

    Lets start off with my setup: -Critical Kush x3 (clones by midnight farms) -39" x 39" x 70" Mars Hydro Grow Tent -The Perfect Sun 500 LED (on timer) -One Intake Fan -One Oscillating Tower Fan -Coco Loco Growing Medium Mixed With Extra Perlite -5 Gal Smart Pots -Flora Nova Grow, Flora...
  15. hyperluv

    Hyperluv's 1st Offical Grow Coco-Perlite Multiple Autos T5 & PS1000 LED - 2016

    Hi All, here goes my official 1st grow. I had an unplanned grow with some bags seeds that produced crap so far (spider mites, transplant shock, males which I thought were females, etc..). In fact, the one plant and two clones I have left are still growing. They went to veg from flower twice...
  16. FiveToMidnight

    Five's Round 3 Auto Attempt - 2 x AK49 & 1 x Super Skunk - Coco/Perlite - CFL/LED

    Hey everyone! Here is my third attempt at growing and this time I have chosen some delicious sounding Auto Flowering strains to see how I can do. Details: What strain is it? 2x Vision Seeds AK49 Auto Feminised + 1x Vision Seeds Super Skunk Auto Feminised Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?Both...
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