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  1. L

    Keep the Maastricht Coffeeshops Open to Foreigners!

    Onno Hoes, Stap onmiddellijk op. Onno Hoes, Stap onmiddellijk op. - Petities24.com Sedert de invoering van de wietpas op 1 mei 2012 lijkt het of in heel Limburg de straathandelaren vrij spel hebben, De ilegale straathandel bloeit als nooit tevoren. De politiek sluit al een jaar hiervoor...
  2. N

    Hi, may I add a Dutch touch?

    Hi, a greet to all 420 fans here and everywhere else, from Haarlem, Hempcity. I am the owner of two coffeeshops there and the Secretary of our local union: Team Haarlems' Coffeeshopentrepreneurs.(THC) I will be the host on the upcoming 420 festival in Amsterdam next month, a novelty event...
  3. Franco.gh

    New ban on tobacco in Dutch Coffeeshops

    As of July 1st, 2008, tobacco has been banned from all indoor public places in Holland, including Coffeeshops. The new smoking ban does not affect cannabis use. Mixing tobacco and cannabis in a rolled cigarette (European joint) is tecnically illegal, but still tolerated. Establishments with...
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