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  1. Rosin Robin

    Rosin Robin’s First Grow: Coco Coir

    Autoflower - Amnesia Haze, Blueberry and Northern Lights I soaked 3 seeds overnight and then planted seeds 3 days ago. All 3 had tap roots showing when placed in coir/perlite mix. Two are sprouting, but no sign of the blueberry seed.... ‍actually dug around gently and seed is gone! No...
  2. The Noob

    The Noob's 1st Coco Grow

    Hello everyone this is my 6th grow but first time using coco coir. Hoping to see some good results with this medium. Pot size: using small pots for the start but final container will be 5 gallons. Medium: Coco coir and Perlite 60/40. Lights: 1 450w Led (205) true and 1 300w Led (130) true...
  3. D

    Best Coco? New Grower

    I just had a question regarding Coco coir and what is the best brand to use. I've came across a few different kinds and to me they all look the same basically so I want to know what's the best choice. Here's what I got questions on: CocoTek by General Hydroponics -CocoTek Premium Coir...
  4. D

    What's wrong with my plant?

    Coco coir. :D Looks like the early stages of some kind of problem. Nute burn or nutrient deficiency?
  5. T

    Help coco coir orgabic nutes?

    Got few free things was wondering if i could use them together or what i need i have gold label coco coir Any help would be great having a hard time understanding how much of what i need when as far as npk etc any good reads would be appreciatedhttp://i.imgur.com/UMbEnYq.jpg Budswel 0-0.7-0-...
  6. Damonchari

    Autoflower Mix: Outdoor, Supersoil/Coir, 2017

    Hello there Bit about myself to follow Had a bad car accident years ago and have had chronic pain and sleep troubles since. For years I used oxy, gablahblahblah.. the list is endless of narcotics and nerve numbs. The older docs had no problem giving a script but I have a nice young doc now...
  7. S

    Coco coir to soil mix

    Can a clone grown in coco coir, be transplanted to a soil mix, and how ? Gave my friend some clones, and he's having hard time getting them to grow in soil.
  8. P

    Hello: Best food for autos?

    Any one recommend best veg/bloom food for autos in coco coir?? :thanks:
  9. R

    Need a little advice - Growing in Sri Lanka

    Hi, i have germinated (following the directions) and planted a train wreck, jack herer and an amnesia haze in a coir medium (it came with a 20-20-20 fertilizer mix - I washed out the coir medium about 50 times to try and remove the fertilizer). The train wreck did not germinate. The 2 starter...
  10. cnile

    Coco Coir mixes and fertilizers for new guy

    hello. got a 600w mh/hps coming and debating between promix and coco coir i think coco is the way i want to go. i understand coco can mess with the nutrient update sepcifically iron magnesium calcium? i was looking at advanced nutrient line, sensi grow a and b. but if i go to coco ill...
  11. L

    Germination in coco coir disks?

    I am an absolute beginner on growing so i have no idea what im doing and scared that i will not be able to even germinate my seeds. I planted yesterday one seed in a coco coir disk but i dont know what else to do. The seed hole in the coco is a little too wide, should i have covered it with...
  12. boaz lagniapp

    Purple Kush 12 days after germination

    12 days after germination using aeroponics. My Purple Kush roots are cruising. after 30 days I'll transplant them to 70% coco coir, & 30% perlte in small cloth grow bags. Then into 10 gallon cloth grow bags for final growth. With the coco coir and perlite mixture in the bags the root system gets...
  13. Gronk

    A question about Coco Coir...

    Hi guys. A while ago, a friend of mine gave me a bag of coco coir. After I did a little research on it at the time, I discovered that it was not an easy thing to grow in and not recommended for beginners. So now I have 3 or 4 small grows under my belt, I found this bag of coco coir again. Now my...
  14. D

    Growing with coco coir

    I note that there is disagreement on how to water plants when they are growing in coco coir. Any suggestions from someone with personal experience please share.
  15. OEF Vet 11B

    Coco chips vs coco coir? Chips useable?

    I bought coco chips rather than coir because it was what they had and I want to try a plant in coco perlite. Are chips useable?
  16. rillos

    Moby Dick

    600w hps/ side light 250w cfl 3 gallon smart pot coco coir 5th week 11/13
  17. F

    Veggies in da veg room?

    gday peeps, captain newbie here. am wondering if i can grow vegetables from seed (using inert coco coir) in the same room as my ladies? any advice would be appreciated. TY :)
  18. A

    Help on 2nd grow

    Hey all, Just started my 2nd grow a couple days ago putting 12 blue dream clones in 12 coco coir filled, properly drained solo cups. Been keeping them under 400 W of MH the first day then moved to 600. Watered to run off with a 5.9 phd solution of RO water and 10 mL of earth juice grow 2-1-1...
  19. J

    Jozo-Sha's 4/20 Journal

    What a perfect day to start a new journal! :51: - JZ
  20. Smokin Ace

    Coco coir

    I was told two different things about growing in 100% coco coir. First I was told that it holds enough water so it only needs 1 daily watering. Then I was told that it is more of a hydro-type medium, needing 5 or 6 waterings per day or a drip system. Does anyone know what is more accurate? I...
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