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  1. 20190114_102843.jpg


    Snoop's main cola
  2. 20181023_104140.jpg


    Mystery Girl another cola.
  3. 20181023_104202.jpg


    Mystery Girl cola
  4. Gwillith small floppy cola

    Gwillith small floppy cola

    Yes , Gwillith makes bigger colas than this.
  5. Gwillith Cola Outdoor Top 2018

    Gwillith Cola Outdoor Top 2018

    Gwillith makes nice floppy colas, had to harvest a bit early due to nearby wildfire.
  6. March 27 2018.JPG

    March 27 2018.JPG

    Up close March 27 2018 (March 30th, 2018 will be Week 4 of flowering)
  7. Day60


    Harvest day day60 cola SkyWalker OG Kush
  8. R

    Broken cola

    My plant has recently out grown her box so I made her a new one considerably larger well she has outgrown that I went to bend the main stem a little to train her to grow the other way and snapped the top cola it didn't snap all the way off and when I sat it back up straight it still stood on its...
  9. S

    Yellow leaves with brown spots on main cola

    This autoflower plant has been showing yellow leaves with brown spots mainly on the cola, I'm not to sure if this is a deficiency. This is my first grow and I'm just looking for some pointers. The plant is in the 3rd week of flowering.
  10. J

    Top cola has funky smell

    Hey guys im 5 weeks into flowering my 4 gals and theyre doing great except for one of them the top cola has a weird smell. It kinda smells like mildew but idk, i have air circulation so i dont think it could be mold starting. Could it be the nutes im using or am i just overthinking this all?
  11. T

    How do I top this plant? I'm a newb

    So this plant... how do i top it? i understand that it grows two colas. now where will my other cola grow from? i see all these videos of two chutes side by side and from there the two grow, now will mine just be different height or what, im confused am i to asume that there will be two...
  12. N

    Has my plant hermied? 1st time grower

    Hey all, I've been growing this plant which is a couple of weeks away from harvest. Recently I just started looking into plants hermying, and noticed a couple of things around the main cola and a couple of other bud sites. I have a rough idea of what i'm looking for, and here are a couple of...
  13. G

    How to train a single cola

    I've recently started trying to sog and for the life of me can't figure out the best way to do this. No matter what I do so far I end up getting a heck of a lot of side branching during the 12/12 stretch. For a single cola sog are you supposed to prune off all side branches at the end...
  14. L

    Cola same as Bud?

    High, Quick question that I can't seem to find an answer for.. Is Cola the same as Bud? I can see that people refer to cola as the designated spots where the buds grow, and some say that it's buds themselves. Thanks L.
  15. O

    My girls 3 weeks into flower

    3 weeks of 12/12 and all 4 plants are looking promising so far. Worked up to full strength Fox Farm nutes now but only feeding once a week. What do you think?
  16. G

    Lst & fim?

    Hi guys, If one were to do LST in a DWC tub (bubbler) where the plant basically did a 90 degree angle forcing all shoots to grow upward (mini colas) how could one then determine if the plant was vigorous enough to with stand FIM as well? From what I understand that would basically...
  17. HealingKronic

    HealingKronic's Dankouver Soil Grow

    Hey 420 community! im starting my first grow journal here on 420mag, let me tell you about the setup! STRAIN: Dankouver INDICA/SATIVA: mostly sativa HOW MANY:12, 2 per bin VEG/FLOWER: currently vegging IN/OUT: indoor grow SOIL/HYDRO: soil POTS: using 12 gallon storage bins SOIL: plan on using...
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