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  1. budlime


    Bud shot of one of my plants.
  2. IMG_3855.JPG


    Gelato Main Cola. Week 13
  3. Cheese Cola

    Cheese Cola

    I love Cheese!
  4. Debilitator Kush cola

    Debilitator Kush cola

    Showing cloudy and silver, when she is best. Got chopped today.
  5. Buddha cheese going up.gif

    Buddha cheese going up.gif

    Buddha cheese long main cola. Nice top
  6. 20190114_102843.jpg


    Snoop's main cola
  7. 20181023_104140.jpg


    Mystery Girl another cola.
  8. 20181023_104202.jpg


    Mystery Girl cola
  9. Gwillith small floppy cola

    Gwillith small floppy cola

    Yes , Gwillith makes bigger colas than this.
  10. Gwillith Cola Outdoor Top 2018

    Gwillith Cola Outdoor Top 2018

    Gwillith makes nice floppy colas, had to harvest a bit early due to nearby wildfire.
  11. March 27 2018.JPG

    March 27 2018.JPG

    Up close March 27 2018 (March 30th, 2018 will be Week 4 of flowering)
  12. Day60


    Harvest day day60 cola SkyWalker OG Kush
  13. R

    Broken cola

    My plant has recently out grown her box so I made her a new one considerably larger well she has outgrown that I went to bend the main stem a little to train her to grow the other way and snapped the top cola it didn't snap all the way off and when I sat it back up straight it still stood on its...
  14. S

    Yellow leaves with brown spots on main cola

    This autoflower plant has been showing yellow leaves with brown spots mainly on the cola, I'm not to sure if this is a deficiency. This is my first grow and I'm just looking for some pointers. The plant is in the 3rd week of flowering.
  15. J

    Top cola has funky smell

    Hey guys im 5 weeks into flowering my 4 gals and theyre doing great except for one of them the top cola has a weird smell. It kinda smells like mildew but idk, i have air circulation so i dont think it could be mold starting. Could it be the nutes im using or am i just overthinking this all?
  16. T

    How do I top this plant? I'm a newb

    So this plant... how do i top it? i understand that it grows two colas. now where will my other cola grow from? i see all these videos of two chutes side by side and from there the two grow, now will mine just be different height or what, im confused am i to asume that there will be two...
  17. N

    Has my plant hermied? 1st time grower

    Hey all, I've been growing this plant which is a couple of weeks away from harvest. Recently I just started looking into plants hermying, and noticed a couple of things around the main cola and a couple of other bud sites. I have a rough idea of what i'm looking for, and here are a couple of...
  18. G

    How to train a single cola

    I've recently started trying to sog and for the life of me can't figure out the best way to do this. No matter what I do so far I end up getting a heck of a lot of side branching during the 12/12 stretch. For a single cola sog are you supposed to prune off all side branches at the end...
  19. L

    Cola same as Bud?

    High, Quick question that I can't seem to find an answer for.. Is Cola the same as Bud? I can see that people refer to cola as the designated spots where the buds grow, and some say that it's buds themselves. Thanks L.
  20. O

    My girls 3 weeks into flower

    3 weeks of 12/12 and all 4 plants are looking promising so far. Worked up to full strength Fox Farm nutes now but only feeding once a week. What do you think?
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