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cold weather

  1. Smokedog42o

    Looking for advice on harvest time

    Hey thanks for stopping by, just wanted to know people's opinions on whether or not I should harvest my plants yet. I live in southern Ontario Canada and have two different strains in ground. It's starting to get chilly at night and both plants are comeplety different as far as maturity and...
  2. P

    Small plant fried like KFC chicken can it be saved?

    My bigger plant still has greenery but burnt leaves as well its severe. I believe I should cut off burnt heat stressed leaves ? Not sure...... my Lil baby plant every leaf is burnt sad to say..... no fans tho inside grow box.... box is outside is cold out now... would that cold air make my...
  3. D

    Earliest UK outdoor auto finish dates and strains?

    Hello cannapeoples! Winter can fuck off!!! In the ass! But REALLY, I been getting excited and planning to start off some autos indoor for about 3-4 weeks from seeds depending on when they start to stink! OK, say you get a strain that will "actually" finish 9 weeks from germination...
  4. S

    Garage Attic Grow Small Buds

    This is my first grow its real cold up there was 39 when I shut em off there like 6 weeks into buddin had em outside now there up in my attic will the cold stop there growth how much yield u think illget it over 5 foot n has a lot of bud spot there just not nice buds idk how big the buds will...
  5. R

    Need some advice about strains

    Ok I live in Northern Michigan and its cool up here year round. Winters are brutly. My new garden is out in the garage. I do have heaters but Im looking for some high-yeild strains that grow in cooler temps. My search has been unsussecefull. So with so many people growing I would like to heard...
  6. WizHigh

    Being sick around your plants

    Its starting to get cold around here and I usually come down with a cold around this time. Is it safe to be around my plants or what? I feel this cold coming on early.
  7. F

    Northern winter grow

    I'm setting up a 5x5 veg & 5x7 flower area. The barn is unheated, I'm planning to draw thru a heppa into a cooltube and drop the heated air down to the floor, back-up with ceramic heat. Exhaust air out the top with equal fan volume. Any thoughts on cold weather growing?
  8. C

    First-timer silo setup suggestions needed

    Alright, within an unspecified period of time I'll have the opportunity to set up a grow in a silo. The silo dimensions are as follows: width: 15' in diameter. height: 15' to roofline roof is sloped at 30 degrees there is a hole at the top approx. 1' in diameter. The walls are...
  9. G

    Old p sure

    I have a bottle of p sure i bought at least 5 months ago.. i used the heat pad when i thought i had a drug screen but didn't have one. i just recently found it and almost had to use it. It was left in my car for about a week in chilly weather wondering if anyone knows anything about p sure ever...
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