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  1. juz420

    Ionic Silver / Colloidal Silver - is it the same?

    hey guys, I want to try some colloidal silver treatment for some fem seeds, my friend gave me some ionic silver 16-20ppm which supposed to be the equivalent to 50-60 PPM Colloidal silver, does anyone know if this will work? The Info on the bottle reads:- "Colloidal Silver manufactured...
  2. Gardenseed

    How I succeeded in feminizing my own seeds - First try!

    Face it, seeds are expensive, and for good reason. (but I'm not gonna get into it). I have better things to spend my hard earned money on. No offence to any sponsors, don't get me wrong. I buy new strains all the time. Matter of fact I have 5 OGxHaze on day 4, and yesterday I ordered 5 Purple...
  3. V

    Colloidal Silver

    Hey All, I hope you can see this picture. I have read all the guides and feel like I have a good handle on what to do to my female plant to get it to produce female pollen sacks via colloidal silver, but my question is this. Is what I purchased too highly concentrated, or will this provide...
  4. Curly Beaver

    Producing my own feminized seeds - Colloidal silver or Tiresias?

    I will have a plant in flower in another week and would like to try to self pollinate her. I havel mostly read about colloidal silver but also Tiresias occasionally pops up. Is there one "BEST" tutorial on making seeds, and if colloidal silver is the way to go, which product (ppm.)...