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colombian gold landrace

  1. EastwardNEden

    Landrace Hybrid 1st Generation Grow

    Land race strain from Haiti Cross with unknown Kush strain. Day 70 from seed (day 4 outdoors)
  2. VladimirPutin

    VladimirPutin's - Colombian Gold - Coca Fiber - LED - 2nd Grow

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, :welcome: I present to you my coca fiber and hydro bucket setup with an ancient land strain clone from south america, the legendary Colombian Gold. This is a recreational project as where I am living now, it is legal to grow and carry according to the "personal...
  3. BunkerMonkey

    Colombian Gold Landrace Grow from Gage Green Genetics by BunkerMonkey

    Currently- 1000W HPS (off to the side). Soil (B'Cuzz Mixx - Peat & Perlite, etc). Photoperiod 12:15 on/11:45 off simulating the current day/night around the latitude of Colombia. Nutrients - Just what's in the B'Cuzz Mixx and Michigan well water at pH 6.9-7.1 The dispensary in Jackson...
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