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  1. Hypnotic420

    Topping plants

    I topped one of my plants to try out this method to enhance the cola yield but after a week or so my stems went from green to purple. The other 2 that I didn’t top are fine. All are getting the same nutrient water mixture and sunlight/indoor light. I read it may have something to do with...
  2. G

    Eye glasses

    Hello everyone. I'm on my first grow and I'm a week away from switching to flowering stage. I've seen glasses that you can wear to show the "true" colors in your room. I know HPS is a very bright yellow color, which can make it difficult to spot any problems. The MH bulbs are bright but do not...
  3. T

    White leaves

    My leaves are turning white. Does not look fuzzy like mold and no evidence of mites. Any clues as to the cause. You can't feel anything on the leaves either.
  4. B

    plant troubles in MA

    My healthiest, tallest white cookie developed an issue over the course of the day. some of the leaves are changing to a light green but divided down the center of leaf. also leaves are rolling up the long way and again only on one side. please IMG_6842.JPG IMG_6841.JPG
  5. L

    1st time grower & leaves changing

    SOIL GROW Strain -Green love potion (clone), Space Jill(clone), Sour Diesel(clone), White Rhino(clone), Bag Seed # of Plants - 8 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative (Green love potion auto flower strain) Length of time in vegetative state - GLP 5 weeks in veg & showing buds one week...
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