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  1. So many colors!

    So many colors!

    So many colors so little time. I could kill days looking at the amazing colors of cannabis. Strain-London Bridge
  2. L

    Growing Concerns

    Soooo hey guys! I’m new to growing. I mean like brand new. Never planted anything in my life. Lol so I finally thought I give it a try. Here’s my progress so far. I’m two weeks in and I have concerns about the color of my “baby”. She seems a bit light to me. Am I missing something or is she...
  3. Red Afro

    Red Afro

  4. Afghani


    Fabulous colours No filter
  5. B

    Best colored strains

    Hey guys, looking to start a new grow pretty soon and I was looking for some recommendations on strains that are really colorful or achieve nice colors relatively easily. Drop any strains and breeders you'd like to recommend, thanks ! I'm currently looking at red poison or dark devil by sweet seeds
  6. C

    Should I cut out the yellow leaves?

    I'm 2-3 weeks away from harvest. Some leaves in mid/lower canopy started slowly yellowing 3 weeks ago. I assume the flowers are leaching the leaves. Neut uptake seems good for most of the leaves. Aside from the color they seem fine. Are they still doing a job?
  7. N

    Trichomes Color

    I'm working on my second grow, first one of white widow autos went well but I had to harvest early and the results were just "ok". This time I'm growing 2 blue diesel, 2 gorilla glue , and 1 skunk, all of which are autos. Plants are doing fine but I'm having a hard time with figuring out the...
  8. G

    Eye glasses

    Hello everyone. I'm on my first grow and I'm a week away from switching to flowering stage. I've seen glasses that you can wear to show the "true" colors in your room. I know HPS is a very bright yellow color, which can make it difficult to spot any problems. The MH bulbs are bright but do not...
  9. 28 Grams

    Is this the correct way to LST? Also stems are an odd dark color

    It is my understanding that for LST I should try and spiral my plants. I'm not sure what I will do when I transplant them to bigger pots. Right now I just bent them in this way: Also I'm a little worried, why are the stems this color? They are in FoxFarm ocean forest I fed them...
  10. 28 Grams

    Just made my way into the world of COBs

    I'm excited, I'm due to start my second grow next week and I just ordered a Triple-COB Kit. They're VERO 29 Chips, I got two 3500K's and one 3000K -- that should give me a decent spectrum for veg and a awesome spectrum for bloom. I sold my $350 LED light (at a $100 loss) to purchase this kit...
  11. C

    Help me - My leaf's color is not good

    Hello. Last time I saved my leaf with your help. The leaves that are curled down are much better because they cut off the water. But I need one more help. The color of the leaves does not seem to improve even if we cut the water. Some seem to be getting worse. Looking at the...
  12. H

    2 plants - Same strain - Very different

    I have 2 Cannatonic plants getting close to harvest. Both plants are on the same reservoir/nute system, plumbed to the same chiller and under the same light. Both seeds came in the same envelope from a reputable seed seller. The plants are very different. The plants looked the same until about...
  13. Ron Strider

    Despite Local Government Support, Minority-Owned Medical Marijuana Businesses Sparse

    D.C. legalized medical marijuana in 2014, removing criminal penalties to possess, consume and grow cannabis in small amounts. But you still can't sell it unless you have an established medical marijuana business. People wanting to open dispensaries need to go through a lengthy application...
  14. Ron Strider

    Marijuana Mood Ring: What Do Cannabis Colors Mean

    Marijuana is a smorgasbord of hues. Each nug, hair and leaf is splashed with its own color palette. Just look at a picture of Charles Kush: Cheesy, orange hairs shoot out of a bed of deep purple and emerald leaves, and it looks incredible. Based on its looks, you would assume that this...
  15. G

    I need help - My girl is dying

    The leaf color changes and the leaves are broken. What's the problem? help.please flowering 30days indoor soil 780w
  16. W

    Indoor grow

    I have hooked curling upward leafs and purple stems. The new growth is almost a yellow color
  17. C

    Rosin tech info

    Here pic my second test doing Rosin tech. It with sour diesel mixed with blue dream, 10 grams at 170 F , 3 tons pressure for 30 seconds using just small bud at bottom of plant and dried for 2 days only. My question is I seen a lot Rosin pic and seen some golden honey look almost transparent...
  18. Southerncough

    Purple Haze with white pistils and cloudy/amber trichs?

    Hi everyone, has anyone had experience growing purple haze? My girl is getting big and figured I still had a few weeks left since the pistils are still whitish in color. This morning I took a peek through my lens and saw 90% cloudy trichs and 10%+/- amber heads? Is this common in the...
  19. K

    Activists Call For Equal Opportunity In Massachusetts Cannabis Industry

    Boston City Councilor Ayanna Pressley wants to ensure that people of color have equal access to jobs and business opportunities in the Commonwealth's emerging marijuana industry. Massachusetts residents voted to legalize recreational marijuana in November, but there's still a lot to figure...
  20. K

    CA: Pot Legalization Campaign Woos The Minority Vote

    The minority vote can be crucial, especially in California, where largest racial or ethnic group is composed of Latinos. Today, the campaign behind Proposition 64, which seeks to legalize recreational marijuana for those 21-and-older, aimed its message at the Golden State's people of color. A...
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