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  1. budhops

    Greetings from Colorado!

    What a beautiful afternoon. My name is Bud and I just moved to Colorado a few months back. I grow indoors legally and love my rootsorganics in soil. My favorite strains are GDP, stardawg, OGs and all things chemmy. I am eager to get some locally sourced seeds in Colorado to start expanding my...
  2. L

    First time grower questions

    Hey I'm new to growing and have 5 plants out here in colorado. All these plants were started from bag seed. The biggest one has been going for 2months or more. None of them seem to be making much gains? Or am I impatient? Outdoor grow, water every other day. Giving them bud and bloom by dr...
  3. L

    After January 1 - Retail Stores?

    So me and my soon to be wife want to visit Co for our honeymoon. It will be mid January so I know retails should be open. I know its a bit early to know for sure but where will they be open because we were thinking maybe Aspen or Breckenridge. Maybe someone who lives in Co. who has a better...
  4. C

    Greetings Earthlings!

    Hello everyone, I hope this finds you in "high" spirits! Firstly i'd like to say that i'm pretty much a big deal.... Now that thats out of the way, on to the sponsored Interview! I'm a cannabis grower in the beautiful state of Colorado and enjoy growing the best quality cannabis possible...
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