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    Veterans on probation in Colorado

    Signez la pétition
  2. J

    Colorado: Hemp Industry Journal Releases First Stats

    Sales of hemp products will reach $500 million nationwide in 2015, according to a preliminary analysis by the new Boulder-based Hemp Business Journal. That's up 25 percent over 2014, when Americans bought about $400 million worth of such hemp-based products as clothing, cosmetics and building...
  3. L

    The Ironman of Pipes

    I got a Pyptek Pocket last year, and I was kinda apprehensive at first cause I usually don't like metal pipes. And cause they looked a little pricey at first. This pipe is so cool I ended up getting 2 of them! A little one for adventures, and a big one (that I got custom engraved) for smoking at...
  4. U

    In my Backyard

    Me in my backyard
  5. N

    Going to colorado

    Hello all, my name is alan - I am a retired law enforcement officer in Floriduh and a disabled veteran. I used mj in Vietnam a few times and loved it. At the ripe old age of 66 I have arthritis is every joint in my body. Some from sports injuries and others from my law enforcement career. I...
  6. L

    New here Check it out! Colorado Grower!

    Hey everybody and 420 magazine community what's up? As I am new here I'm just giving you and idea I will have grow journals and stuff like that but I myself am a medical cannon is user and grower looking to make new friends and get advise with stuff I may need help with
  7. A

    Anna from Seattle is stressed out :)

    Seriously our state government has gone crazy. Some of the activists sold out and screwed the farmers and patients. So I'm sitting here smoking tree after tree and packing my stuff. I'm out. I look forward to meeting people in Colorado on 420 :) :Namaste:
  8. S

    New dude here

    High guys! New guy from Northern Colorado here, just looking for some like minded people to chat with about this beautifully diverse flower. I look forward to meeting some friends here, and fine tuning my growing skills! Cheers!
  9. P

    State of Colorado and Osteoarthritis - happy ending with a bit of dignity?

    moving to colorado and need help on finding a place and a good doc! diagnosed with osteoarthritis and my brother has been + for over 10 years! we both have proof in hardcopies as we both have maintained our doctor visits and their diagnosis on paper, any advice on how to get as close as we can...
  10. J

    Legal Marijuana - What Does it Mean for Colorado?

    On Election Day, the citizens of both Colorado and Washington made the bold decision to legalize marijuana and manage it with controls similar to alcohol, prompting speculation about Amsterdam-style "drug tourism" and a new round of jokes about Colorado's official song, Rocky Mountain High...
  11. o2much4me

    Looking for Colorado Dr to increase plant count

    I am presently licensed but would like info on the best approach to increase your plant count & Dr recommendations in the Denver, Durango, or Colorado Springs areas. Success stories helpful- I have heard 2X 3X even 4X or 5X the normal plant count. Often it is in the pursuit of smoking less and...
  12. L

    Advice/Help Relocating to Denver, Please

    :helpsmilie: I dont really know how to start this off and so this is it.... (Yup, that was the kick off...) :yahoo: I need advice on where a good area to rent in Denver. Where I live I can't do anything. I am Very sick and have been since 2005 & am going to have to move away so that I can...
  13. N

    Cat Piss Head Bud

    Here's a pic of one of my Catpiss headbuds, Biggest one I've grown,it weighed 64.8 Grams freshly trimmed, Enjoy.....love to hear your comments
  14. R

    Colorado Courts and Social Services has taken my MMJ and potentially my children!

    So.. I am no newbie to mmj activism having marched with the millions and lived on Rainbow Farm and watched as the feds gunned down my brothers and the list goes on. My newest fight is this... After a 15 yr common law marriage my "ex" created a whole slew of allegations to gain control of my...
  15. mmdinsurance

    New laws and regulations around the corner for Colorado MMD MMJ Industry

    Hi All, I think 2010 will be an pivotal year for regulation on the MMD and MMJ industry for Colorado. In my opinion, I think if you are considering becoming a caregiver or cardholder you might start the process now in order to be grandfathered in prior to any new regulations. Apparently...
  16. mmdinsurance

    1st it was Cannamart then Plant 4 Life

    In case you don't follow some of this stuff. Cannamart was shut down by the City of Centennial. They filed a lawsuit and won the case. Then Plant 4 Life was shut down by the City of Castle Rock. Now read what happens>>> Medical marijuana dispensary victory in Castle Rock: Town backs down...
  17. C

    Action Alert: Free Jason Lauve, Colo. Medical Marijuana Patient

    Action Alert: FREE Jason Lauve, Colo. Medical Marijuana Patient!!! PLEASE COPY AND RE-DISTRIBUTE THIS ALERT!!! Contact Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett Phone: 303-441-3798 Email: sgarnett@bouldercounty.org Ask him to drop all charges against Jason Lauve and stop prosecuting...
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